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Ocean Sound This Week No.48: Programme 48 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.48: Programme 48 of a weekly news and sports review
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20 Sep 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 48 Programme 48 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 20 September 1987. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. TRACK 1- GUY HORNSBY interviews NORMAN REDMAN, sacked from West Sussex Football League as a referee for having Aids virus on grounds that he has brought the game into disrepute. REDMAN spoke openly of being gay and story got into tabloid press. Denies being public health hazard or that players no longer respect him. Not end of his career. Still doing county games and Chichester and District Sunday Football League matches. KAREN WOODS interviews GERARD FLYNN of St Jude’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Fareham regarding proposed National Curriculum. FLYNN says that it will not give a well balanced education and that the period of consultation over the 3 months ending on 30 September 1987, was the wrong time and cynical in its brevity. Luther Vandross sings I really didn’t mean it. TRACK 2- KAREN WOODS interviews Chairman of Portsmouth City Council’s Housing Committee TERRY GREGORY, regarding the Council’s latest idea to help the low-paid buy their own homes. GREGORY explains the concept of Do it yourself shared ownership whereby part of the proceeds of the sale of the ill-fated Portsdown Park flats totalling some 4 million pounds, would be used to finance those moving into Portsmouth; those registered on the housing waiting list; existing tenants and first time buyers up to a limit of 38,000 pounds per applicant. ALISON HOLT interviews Southampton Councillor, DAVE BULL, regarding the City Council’s wish to retain 6 of the old red telephone boxes which British Telecom propose to replace with the new style steel and smoked glass models. Government require old boxes to be listed as historic buildings to prevent their demolition. BULL says that the 6 for listing should be chosen where they are sited in conservation areas. Blondie sings Hanging on the Telephone. TRACK 3- Review of the week’s news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. Detective Inspector BERT JEWITT urges youngsters not to go out alone at night following indecent assault of teenage girl in grounds of Bridgemary Community School, Gosport. JEWITT asks parents to make sure that they know where their children are. LINDA DOWSE, 74 year old neighbour of Selsey fisherman, WILLIAM ARNELL who was robbed of 1,000 pounds in cash and tied up, explains how she raised the alarm after ARNELL freed himself with a broken brandy bottle and managed to stagger to her cottage. NORMAN REDMAN, sacked as a referee by West Sussex Football League for having aids virus is to send back all trophies and medals won with the League which he accuses of bigotry [see above report on Band 1]. ADAM HARDING, reporting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, interviews MADRON SELIGMAN, European MP who is taking up the case of Australia’s annual killing of kangaroos. Over two and half million of these animals are killed each year, mainly for the meat, which goes for dog food, and the skins which are used for handbags. In 1984 over 1 million skins were imported into the Community. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Round Hayling Island windsurfing race won by 21 year old Dutchman, Vincent Toms out of 750 competitors. 19 year old Hayling Islander, BARRY EDGINGTON, who came second, says that he was not too disappointed. He lost his place when he became caught up in a fisherman’s line. Sports Minister, COLIN MOYNAHAN, says that Government is considering random dope tests for competitors in all forms of sport. He would like to see a life ban for offenders. Pompey football team drew 0-0 against Watford. MIKE VIMPANI reports. Britain’s oldest competitive athlete, 83 year old BILL BAKER from Devon, says he is giving up the 100m sprint only because he can no longer hear the starting gun! He will still be doing his daily jog. TRACK 4- SIMON VIGAR visits Thruxton Gliding Club at Andover and discovers that it is not a rich man’s sport. He talks to instructor RAY GODWIN who explains thermals or currents of upwardly spiralling warm air and their significance in maintaining altitude once the glider is cast off from the towing plane. VIGAR asks Club Member, DAVID KERR, how one gets started and is told Book a 15 pounds lesson. He is taken for a ride and is cast off at 2,000 feet to the tune of One day I will fly Away. After attaining 2,400 feet he descends to a bumpy landing and to the music of Spandau Ballet singing I will fly for You. TRACK 5- KAREN WOODS reports on Prince Charles visit by helicopter to Salisbury in order to view progress on restoration of the City Cathedral’s crumbling spire. The Prince laid the first stone in the loft of the 404 ft spire. General NICHOLAS TATE, Director of the Spire Appeal Trust, speaking of the Prince says: He went right to the top. Appeal is for 7 million pounds to complete restoration and it must be raised by 31 December 1989. Diocese of Salisbury has already contributed 2 million pounds. ALISON HOLT reports on efforts of Monster spotters, who are gathered round a small, previously unknown part of Haslar Lake, Gosport, for sight of a 12 ft conger eel reported to be terrorising bathers - but is it a load of codswallop? She talks to ALEE MARSHFIELD, an expert from Portsmouth Sealife Centre, who says that congers are not dangerous unless attacked. They are nocturnal creatures and normally docile. Rick Astley sings Never gonna give you Up, this week’s Network No 1. [Box 9]
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NB new intro to programme. Track 1- Music at approx 10-15 mins. Track 2- Music at approx 6-8 mins. Track 4- Music at approx 6-11 mins. rack 5- Music at approx 5-9 mins.
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8:05 mins, rack 3; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Guy Hornsby; Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Adam Harding; Simon Vigar; Mike Vimpani
Dave Bull; Norman Redman; Terry Gregory; Gerard Flynn; Bert Jewitt; William Arnell; Madron Seligman; Colin Moynahan; Bill Baker; Ray Godwin; Nicholas Tate; Alee Marshfield
Paul Hornsby

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