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Ocean Sound This Week No.46: Programme 46 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.46: Programme 46 of a weekly news and sports review
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6 Sep 1987 at 19:00
Ocean Sound This Week, No 46 Programme 46 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 6 September 1987. Presented by PAUL EASTON. Southern Water Authority’s Isle of Wight Divisional Manager, GRANGER DAVIES, is interviewed following incident which left thousands of residents without water for 24 hours. DAVIES says that trouble began when a 30 year old 18 inch pipe, feeding a Craisbroke reservoir supplying the North Wight area, burst. No sooner was it repaired than there was a burst in another pipe, further delaying restoration of normal supplies. The 18 inch pipe is laid in clay which, as well as being a corrosive substance, is subject to shrinkage in dry weather which causes pipe movement with consequent risk of fracture. GUY PHILLIPS reports on emotional scenes when HMS Cardiff returned to Portsmouth after 4 months patrol in the Gulf. Cardiff’s commander, RICHARD COSBY, says: The stakes were high. 7 year old ROBIN HALLET of Fareham says of his father serving on the ship, I’ve been missing him a lot. JOHN MINTER, grandfather of MATTHEW BIBBY, killed in Elizabeth Road, Purbrook, takes the law into his own hands because, following the accident in the road which has also been the scene of two other fatalities, nothing has been done to improve safety. So MR MINTER hired a pneumatic drill and, protected by 80 neighbours who blocked the road, he proceeded to dig it up. Interviewed by JANE HILL, he says that he will continue his protest if he does not get satisfaction. Inspector ALAN EMMETT of Cowplain Police says that he has started on investigation to see if Elizabeth Road is really an accident blackspot. Careful records are kept of every personal injury accident and these will be examined. MINTER wants double yellow lines in the road and 6ft fence round the adjacent school. TRACK 2- CAROLINE PAYNE interviews CLAIRE LORRIMER who has just written a book about a remarkable woman who, although uneducated and sexually abused in childhood, has become a nurse and fostermother to children who have had similar experiences. LORRIMER is more associated with romantic fiction but says that she came to write the book because of a TV documentary about child abuse which made her think that there should be a greater public awareness of the problem. The subject of the book says she has looked after children deemed beyond control and been successful because of her own experiences. She has had charge of 28 children of whom 13 have been adopted. PAUL EASTON interviews NICHOLAS ROBINSON who has just finished writing Hamble - a village History, which has taken him 30 years. He obtained photographs by staging a village exhibition of pictures and asking residents for material. Hamble certainly goes back to Roman times but the origin of its name is not clear. The village has changed in recent times with an influx of new residents who treat the village as a dormitory and do not involve themselves in local community affairs. JEAN PAUL HANSFORD interviews ALICE WARREN ? a Ryde, Isle of Wight woman who has started a neighbourhood watch scheme because she claims that police are too busy to keep an eye on everything. 80 nearby residents of Spencers Glade and Bucklers Garden are participating and it is hoped to extend the scheme. For success you need to know who is going on holiday and other such changes in personal routines in order to detect and report any suspicious circumstances. Window stickers deter housebreakers and post coding of personal items makes theft and disposal more difficult. TRACK 3- Review of the week’s news and sport. News - CHRIS RIDER reporting. A blaze which raged for 3 hours at a warehouse in the Limberline Estate, Hilsea, Portsmouth caused 3/4 million pounds worth of damage and was believed to have been started by a lighted cigarette. 60 firemen and 12 engines were involved and the warehouse was 80 percent destroyed. The hunt goes on for 2 brutal raiders who terrorised an elderly couple in their home at Hawthorn Road, Bognor Regis and got away with 4,000 pounds in cash. Journalist GEORGE GALE, covering the SDP Conference in Portsmouth for the Mail says of the city that it is full of one-way streets and car parks, has few hotel rooms and he did not think much of the Naval Base. Leader of Portsmouth City Council hotly disputes these statements. MIKE HANCOCK, ex MP Portsmouth South, commenting on the SDP Conference, says: He sees it as a milestone in the Party’s history. Grandaughter of Master Bookbinder, FRANCIS SANGORSKI, hopes that a safe to be salvaged from the Titanic, sunk in 1912, may hold the key to a family legend. The safe is believed to contain the last book which PATSY SARGENT’S grandfather ever bound. It is said to be encrusted with more than a thousand jewels and to enclose a copy of the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam. A Bassett Hound in Newport, Isle of Wight, which had a phantom pregnancy, acts as surogate mother to 11 puppies of the same breed whose mother had no milk. Sport - CHRIS SCUDDER reporting. Pompey football club scores a 2-1 victory over West Ham and Manager, ALAN BALL, says: He is a relieved and happy man who has learnt his lesson. Pompey draw 0-0 with Derby but gain a point. NEIL HALLAM reports on the game. Saints draw 3-3 with Notts Forest and 1-1 with Sheffield Wednesday. Hampshire cricket team achieves 4th consecutive victory in County Championship, beating Kent, but draws with Leicestershire. JEAN PAUL HANSFORD visits the 15th annual Isle of Wight Wine and Beer Festival at Ryde Town Hall whilst MARIE ALLAN goes to a meeting of the Cowes Amateur Wine Makers Circle and talks to Secretary, BERT KEEPLE who explains that purpose of the Circle is to improve one’s own wine making. DON SIMMONDS, a wine judge, says that in judging he looks for presentation, bouquet and taste and advises MARIE to let the wine run round her taste buds. GUY HORNSBY, interviews WRN HEATHER DANIELS, the reigning Miss Maritime Portsmouth, who is runner up in the Miss United Kingdom contest. [See previous report Band 3 30 August 1987.] DANIELS says that the UK contest was a nerve wracking experience but she enjoyed it. The girls are not bitchy but there is a friendly rivalry. BRIAN COOK interviews LINDA LUSARDI on board HMS Ark Royal during a Navy Day at Portsmouth. LUSARDI thinks the accomodation on the Ark is rather plush. She gets many requests for pin up photos. Is currently appearing in Funny Peculiar at the Kings Theatre, Southsea. The Mid Hants Railway, better known as the Watercress Line, is one of 150 preservation railways in Britain and SIMON VIGAR reports on the operation launch of the 8th and 9th locomotives to run on the 10 mile stretch between Alresford and Alton. Swanage and Uris 15 have taken 11 years to restore. PAUL ROBERTS, a shunter on the Watercress Line says that the most difficult job is getting spares. TOM TURNER, who always wanted to be an engine driver when he grew up, has the honour of driving Swanage out of the shed and describes the engine. DAVID LANE travels over 50 miles just to work voluntarily on the line. He is now a coach and train manager and talks about the serving of meals on the trains. The locos are actually owned by individuals and leased back to the line. One such part owner of Bodmin is RICHARD HEATHER who says it is a big thrill to be so involved. PETER HEBBLETHWAITE, Chief Executive of the line, explains that it has been in existence for 10 years and that there is to be a steam festival on September 19th and 20th. [Box 9]
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NB new intro to programme. Track 3 and 4- Tape band 3 [see photocopy of box] split because of bad tape; trk 4 played on Revox PR99 with some audible sticky syndrome.
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Ocean Sound
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Chris Rider; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Brian Cook; Simon Vigar; Jane Hill; Chris Scudder; Paul Easton; Caroline Payne; Neil Hallam; Guy Hurnsby
Mike Hancock; Alan Ball; Granger Davies; Richard Cosby; John Minter; Alan Emmett; Claire Lorrimer; Nicholas Robinson; Alice Warren; George Gale; Francis Sangorski; Bert Keeple; Don Simmonds; Heather Daniels; Linda Lusardi; Paul Roberts; Tom Turner; Richard Heather; Peter Hebblethwaite
Paul Easton

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