Ocean Sound This Week No.45: Programme 45 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.45: Programme 45 of a weekly news and sports review
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30 Aug 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 45 Programme 45 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 30 August 1987. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. TRACK 1- During Navy Days 87 at Portsmouth, BRIAN COOK interviews Lt Cdr GRAHAM HOLMES, commanding HMS Superb on show to the public. HOLMES talks about a recent combined exercise with US forces which took his submarine under the Polar ice cap to surface at the North Pole. Played cricket at the pole against the Americans. Air temperature ranged from -10 to -3 degrees c. Explaining the control room of the submarine. HOLMES says that it is rather like that of an aircraft. STEVE OATES, reporting on the Havenstreet, Isle of Wight steam fair, poses the quesion: How do they get the traction engines to the Island? and goes to the Red Funnel car ferry terminal at Cowes to find out. Interviews ALEC FOXHALL, mate in charge of the car deck on one of the ferries who explains that shipping traction engines is no problem. Although regarded as hazardous vehicles, which regulations restrict to one vehicle per voyage, the engines are less dangerous than calor gas tankers. A man is charged with obstruction for attempting to sell the book Spycatcher, currently the subject of litigation, at the side of the A40. He claims that his telephone has since been tapped but plans to sell the book using private land. This prompts an interview in Ocean Sound’s Chichester studio with the Chief Librarian of West Sussex, ROY HUGHES, as to why libraries are not yet stocking the controversial book. HUGHES explains that on advice from the Minister for the Arts, Richard Luce, they have been advised to await the outcome of a test case in the High Court brought by Derbyshire County Council. Johnny Hates Jazz sings I don’t want to be a Hero. PETE WARDMAN interviews MIKE INAKITO from the group who tells him that they do their own producing and have a new album in progress. This has occupied them between their last big hit Shattered Deams, and current favourite Hero. Repeat I don’t want to be a Hero. TRACK 2- KAREN WOODS reports on the current investigation into the power boat disaster in the Solent which claimed the life of Formula One racing driver DIDIER PERONI, [see previous report Band 3 23 August 1987]. Speaks to JOHN WALKER, Managing Director of Cougar Power Boats, Hamble, who says that revolutionary design of boat could have been a contributory factor. It was made of glass reinforced plastic and spun out of control when caught in the wash of an oil tanker. WALKER questions the power boat experience of PERONI although in an extract from a previously recorded interview with STEVE ANSCELL, PERONI says that he is looking forward to the challenge of international power boat racing. ALISON HOLT interviews Eastleigh’s Director of Housing, DAVID SMITH, regarding a shock report which claims that the number of families with nowhere to live in the town has shot up by 42 percent in 2 years whilst the local Council of Community Service alleges that there are currently 360 homeless families. SMITH says that he agrees with these findings, the main reasons being a rise in house prices, mortgage defaults and a lack of private rented accomodation. The homeless are mainly local. Chief Inspector ROD WINTER of Sussex Police and in charge of accident prevention comments on Government decision to cut its anti-drink/driving advertising and switch resources into road safety research. WINTER recognises difficulty of measuring effectiveness of such advertising but believes that national advertising must have had some effect. Future publicity will place greater reliance on local initiatives. TRACK 3- Review of the week’s news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. BERT CHARLESWORTH, a disabled man in his 70s, dies of burns in Odstock Hospital, Salisbury, following a fire at his home in Brighstone Road, Cosham, Portsmouth. Unnamed witness speaks. ALISON HOLT reports on Southampton City Council’s decision to ban from the City’s cinemas for 2 months the film Lethal Weapon, starring MEL GIBSON. Considered that the violent content of the film might offend sensibilities following the Hungerford massacre. Two Post Office workers, delivering cash bags to Sholing Sub-Post Office in Montague Avenue, are attacked by four men armed with hammers who get away with a substantial sum of money. GILLIAN AUSTIN, working in the next door shop when it happened, says that: She heard a lot of scream- ing. Hampshire based power boat driver, DEREK WARWICK, pays tribute to DIDIER PERONI, killed in the Solent whilst racing. [See previous report above on Band 2.] County Planning Officer, ROGER BROWN, due to retire at the end of the current week, has said that it was a mistake to build the ill fated Portsdown Park Flats from the outset. JAMES SCHRODER, a pupil at St John’s College, Portsmouth, passes his Art O Levels with an A grade at the age of 10, the youngest ever to pass. Mother, Ann, says there was no peace until he got his first paint set. James ambition is to be The greatest artist the World has ever known. The reigning Miss Maritime Portsmouth, HEATHER DANIELS, a WRN at Whale Island, wins second place in the Miss United Kingdom contest. All the nice girls love a sailor and she is going to marry one. She hopes to model when she leaves the Service in 9 months time. Sport - CHRIS SCUDDER reporting. Hampshire cricket team achieve 2 County Championship victories over Somerset and Worcestershire. In the draw for the second round of the Littlewoods Cup, Pompey football club are to play Swindon and the Saints will meet Bournemouth which delights their manager, HARRY REDKNAPP who speaks about it. Meanwhile, Pompey’s Manager, ALAN BALL, stung by the loss of 9 goals in the first 3 games in 1st Division, signs Oxford’s MALCOLM SHOTTEN for 70,000 pounds and drafts him straight away into the team to meet Arsenal. Alas! Pompey thrashed 0-6 [oh dear]. In Saints match against Queens Park Rangers they are beaten 0-1. Commentary by MIKE VIMPANY. In Rome the World Athletic Championships get under way but ROGER BLACK has to pull out of the 400m race because of a hamstring injury. TRACK 4- STEVE OATES interviews one of the organisers of the Isle of Wight annual pram push, KEN SIMMONDS. Teams from all over the Island dress up and obtain sponsorship to raise money for cancer relief. The race is called The Dory Simmonds Memorial Race in remembrance of SIMMONDS first wife Dory who died of cancer some years ago, since when the race has become an annual event. SIMMONDS second wife JAN speaks. Rick Astley sings Never gonna give you Up, this week’s Network No 1. GUY HORNSBY interviews LESLEY BURTON and BRIAN MUSSELWHITE, co-authors of Crossing the Harbour, which is the history of the 600 yeards of water separating Gosport and Portsmouth and which is currently crossed every day by over 10,000 people. LESLEY BURTON considers that the 18th century provides the most interesting material with such events as the sailing of the First Fleet to Australia, the influx of French prisoners from the Napoleonic wars, the numerous executions, including that of the Admiral Byng, which always provided a popular public spectacle and the hanging in chains of Jack the Painter, convicted of starting a fire in Portsmouth Dockyard. Historians cannot agree on the origins of Portsmouth’s name. ALISON HOLT reports on MALCOLM LOVITT, a Warsash chip shop proprietor, who bought an oil painting from local antiques dealer, PAUL GOODWIN, for next to nothing. The painting was first thought to be a Constable but doubts have now been cast. LOVITT says that he wants a second opinion whilst the vendor, GOODWIN, says that every avenue of enquiry should be tried before LOVITT gives up. Painting is now thought to be a copy made in 1850 of a Constable painting which went missing in 1812. If this is so it would fetch about 700 pounds in auction. [Box 9]
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Steve Ancsell; Guy Hornsby; Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Pete Wardman; Brian Cook; Steve Oates
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Alan Ball; David Smith; John Walker; Mike Vimpany; Graham Holmes; Alec Foxhall; Roy Hughes; Mike Inakito; Rod Winter; Gillian Austin; Harry Redknapp; Ken Simmonds; Lesley Burton; Brian Mussel White; Malcolm Lovitt

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