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Ocean Sound This Week No.22: Programme 22 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.22: Programme 22 of a weekly news and sports review
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20 Mar 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 22 Programme 22 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 20th March 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- ZELDA BLAKEY reports on funeral at Southampton Crematorium of murdered local taxi driver, attended by over 200 Southampton cabbies. BILL BROWNHILL explains that they all clubbed together to pay for funeral costs. Chairman of Owner-Drivers Association, MAURIE JOHNSON, says that late night passengers are a risk you have to take. Southampton’s revolutionary scheme to create new jobs, an Economic Development Corporation, devised by the City Council, gets off to a good start. ALAN WHITEHEAD, Leader of City Council, hands over cheque for 35,000 pounds to boss of Solent Communications Company, ROBERT CONDON, who says that he is delighted to be the first to benefit. JANE HILL reports on visit of DUKE OF EDINBURGH to the Hamble premises of WALKER WINGSAIL, pioneers in a revolutionary device updating the use of windpower in ship propulsion. GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN, a company employee says PRINCE seemed very impressed and company director, JOHN WALKER, says PRINCE fulfilling long standing engagement. PRINCE PHILIP presented with a model of merchant ship Ashington, made by its Master, Captain ROGER FRANCIS, who says that Ashington fitted with wingsail, expected to save 10 percent in fuel costs. TRACK 2- JEAN-PAUL HANSFORD interviews JEREMY IRONS, international film star, who is to be Honorary Vice-President of the IOW Arts Festival. IRONS was born in Cowes and thinks that the festival will make the theatre blossom and raise the Island’s profile. Stresses the importance of art in society although viewed in Thatcherite terms, it does not make money. IRONS starred in Brideshead Revisited, so theme music is played. Brideshead was filmed at Castle Howard, Yorkshire, so what was it like in such a marvellous setting? Wonderful, says IRONS, but then I know the family who still live there and I have lived there myself in the past. TRACK 3- CHRIS RIDER reviews the week’s news and sport. News - ALAN O HEA, Chairman of Colt International, Havant, comments on the Budget. Thinks not much in it for business but low interest rate will help. Funeral of murdered Southampton taxi driver. [Previous report band 1 above]. 5,000 appeal fund to catch killer launched by cabbie, TERRY SIMS. At Chichester Police Station the Good Citizen of the Year award was presented to elderly couple from Bosham ROBERT AND NOEL SUMNER, whose quick thinking helped police to track down 5,000 pounds worth of drugs and a number of guns. In Portsmouth, Chief Environmental Health Officer, ALAN HIGGINS, explains how they hope to beat the current infestation of the City by the Brown Tailed Moth by a hormone spray which confuses the sex life of the male moth and reduces breeding! Sport - MIKE VINCE reporting. Southampton beat Portsmouth at indoor cricket show. In basketball, Portsmouth beat Derby in the quarter finals for the British Masters Tournament. Coach, DAN LLOYD, says the time is now ripe to start reducing the number of overseas players. Also in basketball, Solent Stars lose Draper Tools as sponsors. Player-director, T J ROBINSON, denies closure threat imminent. In snooker, MIKE HENDRY all ready to lead Scotland in World Championships at Bournemouth. In football, Pompey’s manager, ALAN BALL, will not say who he is to bring in following MICK QUINN’S suspension. TRACK 4- BRIAN COOK interviews JOAN AUSE, Mayor of Fareham, who is to inspect and take the salute on the coming Saturday when 200 servicemen from nearby HMS Collingwood exercise their right to march through the Borough with swords drawn and colours flying, having been granted the freedom of the Borough in 1975. Fareham proud of its connection with Collingwood. Not only service link. Mayor quick to point out that Daedalus, although located at Lee-on-Solent, is actually half in the Borough of Fareham. Simply Red sings The Right Thing. TRACK 5- JOHN TURNBALL of the amateur theatrical company Wayfarers, talks about their current production at Southampton Nuffield Theatre of Amadeus, the story of Mozart. Difficult to stage. Mozart remained childish in outlook for the whole of his 35 years. His dependance on patronage often led to frustration and a recorded extract from the play illustrates this. The film version of Amadeus has a different ending from that of the play. Boy George sings Everything I Own, this week’s Network No 1. [Box 9]
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Chris Rider; Jean Paul Hansford; Brian Cook; Zelda Blakey; Jane Hill; Alan Higgins; Mike Vince
Matt Hopper
Alan Ball; T J Robinson; Alan Whitehead; Dan Lloyd; Bill Brownhill; Maurie Johnson; George Chamberlain; John Walker; Roger Francis; Jeremy Irons; Alan O Hea; Mike Hendry; Joan Ause; John Turnball

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