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Hobby Horse No.1: short programmes about hobbies - nd [1975-1986]

Hobby Horse No.1: short programmes about hobbies - nd [1975-1986]
Hobby Horse No.1: short programmes about hobbies -nd [1975-1986] presented by Roger Kennedy. Track 1- Amateur Dramatics. Gregg, the director of Green Theatre explains about this kind of hobby. He is the production manager of a play and talks about all the work envolved with the Group. An interview with an actress. Track 2- Conoeing. Roger talks to Julian who is in the sea training canoeing. He talks about this sport and how much it costs to start. Track 3- Home Computing. An interview with Stuart in his home. He talks about this entertainment and shows for example how to make music from software on the computer. He talks all about the computers and what they can do, how much they cost, etc. Track 4- Home Beer-brewing. Robert is experienced in making home-brewing and he talks to the presenter explaining the process involved and how much it costs [roughly 7 pence a pint]. Track 5- Glass Track Racing. Gary is in Silverston explaining this form of motor sport. He talks about competing and costs, and everything you need to practice this sport. Track 6- Home Organs and Keyboards. Peter Yan from the Universal Keyboard in Southampton talks about this hobby. He shows how it works, what you can do with it even if you do not know music, shows the rhythms, tunes and combinations you can acheive with only one finger on the left and another finger on the right. Talks also about costs and affordability. [Box 7]
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These are listed as programmes 27-32. Track 1- cf HH 6 Track 2.
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