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Centre Stage: one of a series of popular arts programmes

Centre Stage: one of a series of popular arts programmes
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7 Oct 1985 at 19:00
CENTRE STAGE [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] One of a series of popular arts programmes called Centre Stage. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- Music. Matt Hopper gives the last news on Arts, Performing and announces a new form of entertainment: Electric Voice Dance. He interviews 2 members of the Group La Bouche and they explain about this new technique of music and dance, and they play Romantic Love. Then, Matt Hopper talks about the film of Clint Eastwood: Pale Rider. Another Spaghetti Western, where the actor plays the preacher. Features about the film. Other news about films and plays. Chevi Chase is Fletcher, posing as a doctor in a play at Portsmouth. Features on this play. TRACK 2- A new Arts Centre is open in Southampton. It is called The Gauntry and Cynthia Alan talks to Matt Hopper about this place. More news events on performing arts in the region. Mark Brickman, a director of ATC Production, talks about his last production: a play Bourgeois Gentleman, a Moliere restoration comedy adapted for the 80s. More news about performances. Claire Luckan, a director and playwright talks about her production Tanzi, and about a woman wrestler in the play. [Box 7]
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Speed:- 7.5ips
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Radio Victory
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Matt Hopper
Cynthia Alan; Mark Brickman; Claire Luckan

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