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Radio Solent tapes: Radio Victory [first hour]

Radio Solent tapes: Radio Victory [first hour]
Transmission details
14 Oct 1975 at 13:00
Radio Victory’s first hour of broadcasting, presented by Glen Richards. 257 Mhz / 95 stereo VHF; station opening 1pm. First record: Everything That Touches You, to be Radio Victory’s motto. Records played are from the Victory Roll. Commercials; dedications and Factory Call. Weather and Shipping Forecasts. IRN and local news including the John Stonehouse case. [Tape runs out]. Intermittent crackle and reduced quality are probably due to poor reception in Southampton. See also AV74/RV/S1 off-air recording by Radio Solent. [Box 7]
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This tape was recorded off-air by Radio Solent. Fluctuations in sound are probably due to the reception in Southampton.
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Single Track
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Radio Victory
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Glen Richards

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