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Southern TV Demo: Test recordings of adverts by Radio Victory - nd [1975-1980]

Southern TV Demo: Test recordings of adverts by Radio Victory - nd [1975-1980]
SOUTHERN TV DEMO [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] Test recordings of adverts by Radio Victory presenters for Southern TV. TRACK 1- DAVID SYMONS In- Band 1. DAVID SYMONS - Adverts - Falcon Hair Spray Amami Out - Music. TRACK 2- DAVE CHRISTIAN In - Good day, my name ... Adverts - Triad Carpets J T Berry record Northend Photographic Wrigleys Spearmint Gum [for Radio Luxemburg Beatles Music] Out - for your time. TRACK 3- CHRIS RIDER In - Good day to you ... Adverts - Daily Express Camelot Grill, Waterlooville Out -... thank you for listening. TRACK 4- GLEN RICHARDS In - Band 4. Three commercials ... Adverts - Nightwatch R V Christmas party Bracklesham Boy Club Out - ... ha ha ha ha. BAND 5- NICKY JACKSON In - Band 5, the voice of ... Adverts - EMI Records [Tide Winds?] Aftershave Out - Music. TRACK 6- PAUL INGRAM. In -And now a commercial ... Out - ... like to be. TRACK 7- SARAH LIDDELL In - Music - I am SARAH LIDDELL ... Adverts - Rafferty Newman [Motor bikes] Public Health Warning Haskers Furniture Warehouse Out - Music. TRACK 8- ANDY FERRISS In - Music. - Hello my name ... Story about Polygor. Out - Music. TRACK 9- EUGENE FRASER In - Hello, Eugene ... Advert - K B DIY Superstore Poem about spring. Out - worthy of the winning. TRACK 10- SARAH WARD In - Hello, I am SARAH WARD ... Adverts - Huxford for Fiats Record Album Out - Music. [Box 7]
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Track 6- left channel only.
Misc. notes
Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
1 tape


Glen Richards; David Symons; Dave Christian; Nicky Jackson; Paul Ingram; Sarah Liddell; Eugene Fraser; Sarah Ward
Chris Rider; Andy Ferriss
Andy Ferriss

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