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Smokestop: the Smoking Debate, with FOREST, Operation Smokestop and the Wessex Regional Health Authority - nd [1984]

Smokestop: the Smoking Debate, with FOREST, Operation Smokestop and the Wessex Regional Health Authority - nd [1984]
SMOKESTOP [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] Programme broadcast on Radio Victory entitled Smokestop, which is a debate with interviews about smoking. Presented by MATT HOPPER. In - Music. - Guests: 1- STEPHEN AYRES from FOREST [Freedom Organisation for the right to enjoy smoking tobacco]; 2- DR LIZ BATTEN from Operation Smokestop; 3- DR JOHN CATFORD from Wessex Regional Health Authority. STEPHEN AYRES describes FOREST, feels individuals rights of freedom are at stake, FOREST is their spokesman. Subsidised by Tobacco Industry. ASH is financed by tax payers. Believes government should be neutral in matter of smoking. Music. DR BATTEN - her role is to help people stop smoking who want to do so, is not an anti-smoking campaigner. DR JOHN CATFORD - trend towards non smoking is encouraging - but smoking is No 1 health problem -it is the responsibility of government and health service to work together to: a- provide information on risks of smoking [smoking is major killer] - especially cancer and heart disease. b- prevent people from being encouraged to smoke by tobacco industry. c- have responsibility to help people give up smoking if wish. STEPHEN AYRES - does not deny there are risks in smoking but says the debate is not really scientific or medical but political, philosophical and role of government is free society and whether it should infringe rights of individuals. Believes anti-smoking lobby is becoming more militant. DR BATTEN - says not all smokers want to smoke. Advertisements. 4000m pounds revenue to government from tobacco - subject of phone call from person from Bognor Regis to Stephen Ayres. DR CATFORD - says far less money is spent by anti-smoking lobby than tobacco companies. Says he does not want to forbid smoking. STEPHEN AYRES - says tobacco advertising is just putting brand name in front of existing consumers. DR BATTEN - says 11 and 12 years notice promotion of tobacco through sport. Music. STEPHEN AYRES - Says advertising does not glamourise smoking. DR CATFORD - Smoking is major preventable cause of ill health in Britain. Says anti-smoking lobby is right to promote health angle. Discussion about opinion polls on smoking in public places. Phone call from person in Gosport about whether she should give up smoking after husband’s heart attack although she suffers from stress. DR CATFORD - should time giving up smoking properly. DR BATTEN - cigarettes do not calm nerves. Phone call from Petersfield about numbers of people who die from smoking. DR CATFORD - Royal College of Physicians estimate that 100,000 people each year die from smoking related diseases. STEPHEN AYRES -smoking does not necessarily shorten life. Government should not have right to prevent people from smoking. DR BATTEN - quotes letter from man in Bournemouth - of 19 non smokers at wedding in 1953 one dead; - of 11 smokers only one left alive. People need information to make choice whether to smoke. DR CATFORD - says duty free cigarettes should be stopped. Next day is February 29, National No-Smoking Day. STEPHEN AYRES - will be filling up places in next non-smoking group Out - ... on Portsmouth 827755. [Box 7]
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Track 1- the programme may in fact be called Smokestop as per jingle. It is introduced as The Smoking Debate. There are various types of tape on this reel, including sticky syndrome. This may result in pitch fluctuations. The tape seems to have been edited.
Misc. notes
Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Matt Hopper
Stephen Ayres; Liz Batten; John Catford

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