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Nicola Johnson [Part of] drama about a Fleet Street journalist and crime stories - nd [Nov/Dec 1983]

Nicola Johnson [Part of] drama about a Fleet Street journalist and crime stories - nd [Nov/Dec 1983]
Nicola Johnson [Part of] drama about a Fleet Street journalist and crime stories, broadcast daily Nov/Dec 1983 and Jan.1984. Tracks 1-3 Week 3 episodes 3-5 [also end of episode 2]. Tracks 4-8 Week 4 episodes 1-5. Track 9 Week 5 episode 1 [part]. Week 3, Episode 1 [16 Jan 1984] Music. Our Nicola’s been on Fleet Street for a fortnight now and it really looks as if she is settling down well. Her New Genesis experiences and sussing out the villain Hungerford-Thynne have given her a real taste for the job. Music. What kind of a strange religious maniac was that? Surely tomorrow Nicola will be off to see Mrs Doyle’s landlord. Why not join her at half past one. Week 3, Episode 2 [22 Nov 1983] Music. Poor old Mrs Doyle and she discovered what a terrible landlord Mr Varley was. Music. I bet Nicola did not think she would get mixed up with dead bodies when she set out this morning. Be sure you are with me tomorrow to hear how she copes with this new crisis. Week 3, Episode 3 [23 Nov 1983] Music. Our Nicky has come hurtling back to the newsroom full of her murder story only to be pulled up short by the scene presented to her. Music. Nicky is really getting to grips with Mr Varley in spite of his fierce job but it looks like Rob is not going to be too tolerant of Nicky’s unsocial hours. Week 3, Episode 4 [24 Nov 1983] Music. Last night the property villain Varley had arranged to meet Nicola at a neighbourhood wine bar. Let’s find out what he was up to. Music. Well, you win some and you loose some. Poor old Rob seems to have got himself into trouble but we will have to wait tomorrow to find out whether Nicky can save Linda from the homicidal maniac. Week 3, Episode 5 [25 Nov 1983] Music. Last night we left Nicola powerless with DeMarco threatening the prostitute Linda.. Don’t forget poor old Rob’s been carted away but let’s hurry back to Kings Cross for the latest news. Music. So, Ken and Nicky have been caught be the cameras of the TV director and it is goodbye to Nicola till Monday when we will find out how Nicola solves Mrs Doyle’s problem. And don’t forget Rob’s got a charge hanging over him. Week 4, Episode 1 [28 Nov 1983] Music. It is time to start off on another week of adventures with our very own Nicola Johnson. After her clash with the Kings Cross madman, there is the little matter of Rob’s arrest hanging over the Clapham love-nest. Music. A journalist’s life is rich and varied but I do not suppose Nicola expected to recognise Grandpa Grimblie when she unmasked him. Tomorrow at the same time will solve the mystery. Week 4, Episode 2 [29 Nov 1983] Music. Yesterday Nicola found old Mrs Doyle has settled with the villain Varley, Mrs Kirby would not condemn the New Genesis movement and to crown it all a strange man dressed as Grandpa Grimblie collapsed at her feet. Music. Thank goodness Rob got off the charge hanging over him. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what this scheme of Lance’s is. Week 4, Episode 3 [30 Nov 1983] Music. It is a quiet newsweek for our Nicola Johnson, but at home Lance, the landlord, seems to have a scheme to sell to Nicky and Rob. Music. There is clearly more in the brothers Fiske than meets the eye. Tomorrow our intrepid reporter will be trying to pin them down. Week 4, Episode 4 [1 Dec 1983] Music. Last time we listened, Nicola Johnson was confronting those rather smooth and plausible villains, the brothers Fiske and that is where we pick her up today. Music. So, Grimblie’s Gardens has burnt down and Inspector Samson, the yodelling policeman, has told Nicky the details, but what will we find at the Fiske’s other classier joint, the Shady Deal Night Club, tomorrow all will be revealed. Week 4, Episode 5 [2 Dec 1983] Music. A fire, emerald and cocaine smuggling, rounded off with a night out at the Shady Deal Night Club, all in a day’s work for Nicola Johnson. Music. Poor old Ken, the man we love to hate. What will life be like on the London Evening next week. Life will go on for Nicola Johnson, that’s for sure. Week 5, Episode 1 [5 Dec 1983] Music. It is time to launch another week of the life and times of Nicola Johnson, the London Evening’s newest energetic addition to the newsroom. On Friday Ken Urquhart, the News Editor, collapsed at Nicola’s feet. Let’s get to the newsroom to see how they will cope without him. Music. Some days you go out for news, some days it comes to you. Sounds like a pretty rubbishy film, doesn’t it? Tomorrow we will know how Nicola deals with this latest crisis. Week 5, Episode 2 [6 Dec 1983] Music. Yesterday a gang of angry women put the London Evening under siege, they are infuriated by the review written by London Evening’s film critic, Sandy Whicker, of a film which glorifies violence against women. Someone has called the police to disperse them. Music. Just Nicola’s luck, when she is off on a good story to get a nasty shock like that. We will have to wait to tomorrow to know how it upsets her. Week 5, Episode 3 [7 Dec 1983] Music. Yesterday we left Nicola in an awkward dilemma, on the train to Manchester to follow a story on footballer-turned-sportswear-shop owner, Meredith Hughes, a visit to the loo provided a nasty shock. Music. It is been a long and eventful day for Nicola Johnson, but clearly this last thing is really very serious. Week 5, Episode 4 [8 Dec 1983] Music. Yesterday Nicola went to Manchester and back on a good story. The ex-footballer, Meredith Hughes, obviously got a very good impression of our heroine. Then when she got home to Rob she was clearly very distressed indeed. Music. Phew! Nicola seems really angry. It can’t be a good idea to talk to the Editor like that. Tomorrow we will know what happens. Music. Nicola Johnson has told her Editor, the Smooth Jeffrey Blake, just what she thinks about him for refusing to print her article on her experiences being mugged. Now, next morning, she seems a bit sorry for herself. Music. It is the first time Nicky’s mother has called her in such a panic. Clearly something very srious is in the offing. Pity, but you will have to wait until Monday to find out what is upsetting her. [Box 6]
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NB tape does not include intros/outros on script. Week 2 episodes 1 and most of 2 are missing on tape. Tape includes part of week 5 episode 1.
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5:28 mins, rack 7; 3:51 mins, Track 9 tape runs out
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