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Victory Report: Regression - an open question - nd [1975-1986]

Victory Report: Regression - an open question - nd [1975-1986]
An interview with Dr Anthony [Tony] King, M.I.C.H., talking about Hypnotic Regression. This is his speech in full... The purpose of this memorandom is to establish precisely what I am referring to by the term Hypnotic Regression, together with some indication as to my own attitude towards the phenomenon. 1- WHAT IS REGRESSION? In Hypnotherapeutic terms regression means going back in time; a means of enabling a hypnotizes patient to recall events that have occurred in an earlier period of his or her life. The technique is used as aid in diagnosis in many cases of emotional stress and anti-social behaviour pattern problems, and I have found it particularly helpful in dealing with such problems as Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Insomnia, etc. It is a known scientific fact that the Human mind forgets nothing, and in this state, the majority of patients are capable of recalling quite astonishing details of their early lives, and I have had these, details confirmed on many occasions by the patients relatives. But regression also purports to go beyond the lifetime of the patient, and although this occasionally has beneficial results in the treatment of some patients, properly speaking it lies more in the realms of research. 2- CAN EVERYONE DO IT? The short answer to this question is NO. There are many factors to be considered. Firstly, in order to regress to what purports to be a previous existance, a fairly deep state of hypnotic trance is required. Much hypnotherapeutic work is carried out with patients only capable of attaining quite light levels of trance, and although much information can be brought forth from the depth of their sub-conscious mind by various techniques, these techniques do not lend themselves so well to this type of research work. But even assuming that you have a deep trance subject who is willing to enter into this type of research, there is still no guarantee that one will get the results required. I have already noted from my own researches that some patients, despite being extremely good hypnotic subjects, and quite interested in the type of research under discussion, can still only regress as far as their own appearance in life. As yet, I have not been able to tell why one patient can seemingly go back for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years, whilst another subject, seemingly just as able and willing, draws a complete blank. 3- REGRESSION THEORIES. There are, of course, many possible explanations as to what just is happening in a pre-birth regression; your own attitudes and beliefs will naturally incline you more towards some theories than others. The theory that has caught the publics immagination of course is REINCARNATION. Proponents of this school of thought point out that much of the information produced by the trance subject was not only unavailable to the individual, it was also quite unknown to anyone else. They will cite the case from the Bloxham Tapes, concerning the girl who was butchered at York in as archway that was not discovered by archaeologist until some time later as indisputable proof of their contentions. But of course, those people with a belief in spiritualism will counter this by asserting that the hypnotic trance is very similar to a clairwoyant trance, and that the information is nothing to do with reincarnation at all; the subject merely acting as a mouth-piece for a spirit. Then there is the Genetic Code theory, which points out that the D.N.A. code which produces a human being also passes on certain genetic memories which can be recovered in deep trance. Sceptics will point out that as it has already been proven that the Human Sub-conscious Mind forgets nothing, then obviously the subject is merely repeating a passage from some long forgotten [consciously] book that they have read. Sceptics of an even more hardened callibre will laugh and explain all of it is IMAGINATION and wishful thinking. Others, with a more devious attitude of mind will propound a theory of multiple universes, avering that our concept of time as a vertical collumn is untenable in the light of this work, as it clearly demonstrates that what we regard as the mind is clearly only one facet of a super-mind, and that in the trance state the barriers come down, and access is gained to other facets of the same mind, which is co-existing at other points in time; and that the sum total of all these experiences is what we term the SOUL. Personally, although this last theory is a bit deep, and there is certainly no shred of real evidence to support it, I have a sneaking preference for it. My feelings, having worked with a number of good regression patients, is that most of the theories, at times, could explain what is happening. Some of my sitters, although sincere in their intent, undoubtedly are deluded by their imaginations. Others do seem to be recalling things that they have read or heard of elsewhere, but others; well, it would be very difficult to say just what they are doing. 4- MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS REGRESSION. It is inevitable that with the type of work that I do that I should come across much that is not readilly explainable in lay terms. Regression is one of those areas where reality and fantasy can become hopelessly entangled. I have no doubt that the great majority of patients with whom I have carried out work of this nature are quite convinced of the genuiness of the results. Although I confess to a liking for the theory of multiple universes, my analytical mind accepts that there is not a single shred of proof in favour of it. My attitude is simply this: What ever it is that these patients are doing, it is unquestionable a fascinating phenomenon. Although much of it can be explained away or marked NOT PROVEN there still remains a hard core of material that defies reasonable explanation. There is still a great deal of research to be done, and whatever the final outcome, I shall continue to delve into this fascinating realm of the unknown. As far as I can, I strive to retain an open mind upon the subject, as indeed I hope every thinking individual will do. I am at the moment working on a book on the whole subject of Hypnotherapy, and regression will of course figure in it. I will not release names, for I protect the Identity of all of my patients, and O do not even use material from the tapes that I have recorded at regression patients without the permission of the patients concerned. 5- WHAT LIES AHEAD? It is my belief that the world of the mind is the last great frontier for man. For centuries he has been developing the physical sciences towards undreamed of lengths. Today, we are reaching for the stars, tomorrow, the universe may be ours for the asking. But just for a moment, drag your eyes away from the distant galaxies of space, and look at the world at your feet. The basic unit of civilization, the human being, is crumbling beneath the marvels of science. With every day that passes, more and more people find it harder and harder to cope with Twentieth Century existence. The mental hospitals are becoming ever more tightly crammed with those who can no longer stand the pace. It is a frightening fact that more tranquillizers are prescribed by doctors than any other form of medication. With each passing day the problems grows ever more serious; mankind is unable to cope with the wonderful gifts that science bestows upon it. For centuries the mental sciences have been held in obeyance. Believers in the powers of the mind have been ridiculed as cranks and daydreamers. But in the minds of many the wind of change is now already beginning to blow. Hypnotherapy is the means of opening the doors of the mind to the powers that lie within. The powers of the mind are limitless; even the little that we know can be both astonishing and even frightening. Regression is but one aspect of the whole new universe that lies withing the individual. Perhaps, when man finally comes to know what lies within the depths of his own mind, he will have crossed the last and the greatest frontier. [Box 6]
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