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Down to Earth No.2: Gardening programme presented by Dave Carson

Down to Earth No.2: Gardening programme presented by Dave Carson
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21 Dec 1982
DOWN TO EARTH NO.2 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] One of a series of gardening programmes on Radio Victory, called Down to Earth. Presented by DAVE CARSON. TRACK 1- Repeats of interviews with guests from year’s programmes giving some of the better gardening tips. 1- CLAY JONES talking about whether automatic ventilators for greenhouses really work. Ventilation vital to stop mildew and brown rot so regards ventilator as desirable. 2- SUE PHILLIPS of Fisons - gives views on Chelsea Flower Show, regards it as very enjoyable experience. 3- PAT JOHNS of ICI giving advice on spraying winter greens to prevent maggots Advises using fertilisers with nitrogen and potash. 4-AURIOLE AT LIPHOOK - firm making household and garden aids. Managing director AUBREY CARROLL talks about cane frame, for use especially with grow-bags to support plant. Also a grow-grid, uses a trellis panel instead of canes. Have invented hanging basket that stores flat. Can also be placed on pedestal rather than hanging. TRACK 2: 1- CROFTON GARDEN BUILDINGS at Hammonds Garden Centre at Stubbington. Valerie talks about paving slabs, walling stones. 2- PAUL HANSFIELD from Unwins talking about regulations concerning sale of seeds [for vegetables]. Most popular seed sold by Unwins is red beet. People grow vegetables for the challenge and the flavour. Most crops grown for their seeds are from abroad [except peas] because English climate unreliable. TRACK 3: 1- COLIN HART at Swan Garden Centre Southampton, expert on greenhouses, advises on best type of greenhouse to buy. Best not to buy too small a greenhouse. Ventilation important. [Box 6]
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Misc. notes
Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
1 tape


Dave Carson
Paul Hansfield; Clay Jones; Sue Phillips; Pat Johns; Colin Hart

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