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Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.2: A series of gardening tips from Don Johnson - nd [Autum/Winter 1983/1984]

Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.2: A series of gardening tips from Don Johnson - nd [Autum/Winter 1983/1984]
DON’S DO’S AND DON’TS NO.2 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] A series of gardening tips, broadcast on Radio Victory, presented by DON JOHNSON. TRACK 1- In - In this part of ... Geraniums, dahlias, crysanthemums and storing for winter. TRACK 2- In - I think sooner ... Heathers. TRACK 3- In - The first weekend in November ... Digging the garden and compost. TRACK 4 In - The most popular ... Roses. TRACK 5- In - Leaves are falling ... Lawns in the autumn and lawnmowers. Early broad beans. Moving plants, shrubs and trees. TRACK 6- In - I don’t know ... Planting shrubs and bushes especially fruit. Lilies. Out - about camelias. TRACK 7- In - Now that garden centres ... Camelias. TRACK 8- In - How is the Christmas ... Gardening gadgets suitable for Christmas presents. TRACK 9- In - There are two ... Pot plants. TRACK 10- In - For the next ... Digging vegetable plot. Spraying fruit breed with tar oil. Pruning. TRACK 11- In - It is March next week ... Finishing winter jobs in the garden and preparing for spring cultivation. TRACK 12- In - I must confess ... Ground preparation for spring sowings. Transplanting snowdrops. Sowing annuals. TRACK 13- In - I mentioned last week ... Growing vegetable seed: carrots, onions, parsnips, brussel sprouts, leeks. TRACK 14- In - In my market gardening ... Potatoes, pruning and spraying roses, lawns and removing moss. Sowing broad beans. TRACK 15- In -As the house ... Clearing borders. Herbaceous perennials. TRACK 16- In - From now until ... Rhubarb, asparagus. [Box 6]
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Don Johnson

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