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Morning Call Archive No.17: A selection of interviews: Joe Fagin; Bernard Manning; Sabina Shalom; James Fox; Cathy Cott; William Horwood - nd [1985]

Morning Call Archive No.17: A selection of interviews: Joe Fagin; Bernard Manning; Sabina Shalom; James Fox; Cathy Cott; William Horwood - nd [1985]
Morning Call Archive No.17: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACK 1- JOE FAGIN, singer [26 April]. TRACK 1- Started playing in bands in Liverpool in 1958, went professional in 1960, when went to Hamburg. Resurgence of interest in Liverpool bands in 80s. Played in same clubs in Liverpool as Beatles - Many bands there in 60s all playing blues-based rock n roll music. Found working in Hamburg a terrifying experience, clubs run by gangsters. Worked very hard. No 1 hit That’s Living Allright. Has written music for new film No 1, gives plot of film [based on snooker] - first film score he has done. Had to make music without upstaging scene. Music has to add to film, be constructive. Is quite popular in America. Plays snooker. Works with record producer Dave McKay - but also works independently. TRACKS 2-4. TRACK 2-BERNARD MANNING, comedian In - Bringing club show to provinces theatres, bad language and blue jokes included. Does not find a problem in using this sort of act in a theatre rather than a club. TRACK 3- In - When you were younger ... Liked Max Miller. Worked - Las Vegas. Very few British comedians go to America because have not the courage. Not frightened of politicians. Likes royal family. TRACK 4- In - Now one or two people ... Does not find impersonations funny. Likes hard work. Never been out of work. TRACKS 5-7 SABINA SHALOM, author. TRACK 5- In - There’s only one person ... Book: A Marriage Sabbatical. In 50s feeling very depressed, did voluntary work but still felt useless and that marriage might fail, also had to think of time when might no longer have husband. More older women devoted time to husbands and families and repress any urges towards leading own lives, easier now for women to choose. TRACK 6- In - Sabina Shalom ... Spent 6 months away. Took 1,500 dollars with her. Went to underprivileged countries and slept rough if necessary. Proud of having book published. Book to be made in to TV film in America. Earned a lot of money with it. Met some very interesting world figures on travel. Realised did have resources of her own and something to offer. TRACK 7- In - Are you married ... Husband is workaholic. She saw marriage as staling, but no thought of divorce. She had spent life spoiling husband, would not do anything round house. Sam did the cooking while she was away. Returned from travels very confident and independent and a lot slimmer, much more interesting, period of adjustment with husband. Would not want to travel like that again, wants to spend time with husband. TRACKS 8-9 JAMES FOX, actor. TRACK 8- In - Mr James Fox ... Sees objective of British Film Year as getting cinema attendance realised. Need to participate in film. Cinema viewing has been replaced by TV. Talks of films seen recently. Left acting temporarily because of adult conversion to christianity. Did vocational work in universities, later decided that God wished him to use his talents once more as an actor. Says it is not impossible to combine acting with Christianity. TRACK 9- In - A film that you are ... Respects Mick Jagger’s staying power and as a performer. Would like to play part other than usual stiff upper lip English gentleman. Discusses fascination of India for public and consequent popularity of films set in India. India is outside normal experiences and represents a very complex view of life. Own main impression of India - closeness of people and their responsiveness. Saw Bangalore and Mysore, Oota Kamur and Kashmir. Passage to India took 5 months to film. Much illness while filming. TRACKS 10-11 CATHY COTT, animal acting company owner. TRACK 10- Has company called Intellectual Animals. Pig called Betty performed in A Private Function. She loves all aspects of pigs. TRACK 11-Pigs not dirty animals. Actors in A Private Function good with Betty. Cathy Cott selects pigs for good temperament and getting on with people. Discusses how a pig can be directed on set [food incentives]. Betty now retired, has 8 piglets, lives in Sussex. BANDS 12-14 WILLIAM HORWOOD, author. TRACK 12- In - Yes, joining me ... Most famous for book about moles Duncton Wood. Formerly edited Money Mail promoted to women’s pages, very unhappy decided to leave and write fiction. Does not approve of Women’s Pages in newspapers. Left job and wife for cottage on brother’s estate in Oxford. Developed human themes through animals [moles] in his book, like Richard Adamson’s Watership Down. TRACK 13- In -Talking to the author ... Describes how he came to write Duncton Wood - emotional background. Message of book is conservation. More aware of countryside since lived there. Believes people are more aware now of need for conservation. Some new habitats have been created eg strips by motorways. Became interested in eagles and conditions necessary for return of some species. TRACK 14- As author of Callanish, inspired by story of Goldie, the Golden Eagle who escaped from London Zoo. Believes animals should not be kept in zoos. Man does not have right to see or show animals if this involves unnecessary suffering. Wrote Callanish, seeing Goldie as symbol of man’s inhibitions in terms of caging selves in jobs, cities etc and fear that has to be faced if escape. [Box 6]
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Track 1 cue sheet has Apr 26; four cuts from unbanded tape. Track 2 short pause at approx 20 secs. Track 7 short pause at approx 20 secs. Track 8 should be part of track 7 [separated by leader tape]. Track 9-11 left channel only. Track 11 short pause at approx 45 secs.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Joe Fagin; Bernard Manning; Sabina Shalom; James Fox; Cathy Cott; William Horwood

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