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Morning Call archive No.15: A selection of interviews: Paul Darrow; Barry Fantoni; Marjorie Hurst; Victoria Wood - nd [1985]

Morning Call archive No.15: A selection of interviews: Paul Darrow; Barry Fantoni; Marjorie Hurst; Victoria Wood - nd [1985]
Morning Call Archive No.15: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACKS 1-3 PAUL DARROW, actor. TRACK 1- Paul Darrow currently appearing in J B Priestley’s I have Been Here Before. Has appeared on TV in Blake’s Seven, Dr Who. Current play is psychological thriller - description of plot. He has an open mind on clairvoyance. TRACK 2- Paul Darrow ... Interested in criminology, interest has evolved from parts he has played. Earlier advocates great actors. He has played many villains, actor has to discover attitudes of character and assume those for role. TRACK 3- In -From one of my favourite ... Admires Humphrey Bogart and Clint Eastwood. Watches many films at cinema and on TV would like to do film acting. Has fan club for role in Blake’s Seven in Britain and abroad. Discussion of co-star Joanna Hole’s role in Tenko. TRACKS 4-6 BARRY FANTONI, novelist, cartoonist, broadcaster, etc. TRACK 4- Member of editorial staff of Private Eye. Has written pop songs. Since 1983 has had cartoon on diary page of Times. Views on cultural contribution of 60s - feels very little worthwhile came out of it except energy. Was a period of fantasy. TRACK 5- In - Why will I ... Latest book is on Chinese horoscopes. Very interested in Buddhism. Animals dictate character of people born in particular year. Found very little written about Chinese horoscopes, had to research abroad. Chinese horoscopes not about destiny and are about character of person. Signs of zodiac have more to do with destiny. BAND 6 In - Level 42 ... Cycle of Chinese year changes every 12 years. Tells Chinese story of how cycle occurred. People born in their animal year share similar characteristics. Parents animal year may affect how marked a person’s own animal characteristics are. TRACKS 7-9 MARGERY HURST OBE, Brook St Bureau [Temporary Typing Staff]. TRACK 7- Started Brook Street Bureau in 1946 [in Brook Street, Mayfair] after break up of marriage. Unusual for women to be in business, though had helped father [film producer] and could type. TRACK 8- Typed at bureau for first 3 or 4 years also act a temporary typist. First branch at Croydon opened 4 or 5 years after started. 1960 started in Australia, describes how she started there. Gets on well with men and women. Has found men helpful to her. TRACK 9- In -We are talking to ... Had to close some bureaux in 80s with unemployment but now opening more. Originally from Portsmouth - now in Portsmouth with Portsmouth Area Enterprise, government’s provisional scheme to help people into own businesses. Need to be calm and cool in interviewing, speaks truth without hurting them. TRACKS 10-12 VICTORIA WOOD, comedienne. TRACK 10- TV career started with New faces, after that out of work for a while. Family not professional entertainers. Own talent developed at university. Admires Joan Rivers. No plans to settle down. Would like to do films. Writes all own material, gets satisfaction from writing though can be boring doing it. TRACK 11- In - Victoria Wood ... Has written screen play of book she has written and half for someone else. Ideas for sketches can come unstuck in front of audience. Writes what makes her laugh. Worked with Julie Walters for a time. TRACK 12-13 In - Now Victoria ... Denies she is anti-man. She is touring with own show along south coast. Might go to America but would have to write for American audience. Has no hobbies. Would like to work all the time. [Box 6]
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Track 6 short pause at start; poss. should be end of trk 5. Tracks 11-13 left channel only; sticky tape copied using Tascam r2r/Marantz CD.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Paul Darrow; Barry Fantoni; Marjorie Hurst; Victoria Wood

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