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Morning Call Archive No.13: A selection of interviews: Sid Shaw and Robert Gibson on Elvis Presley; Norris McWhirter; Michael Bentine - nd [1985]

Morning Call Archive No.13: A selection of interviews: Sid Shaw and Robert Gibson on Elvis Presley; Norris McWhirter; Michael Bentine - nd [1985]
Morning Call Archive No.13: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morninc Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACKS 1-3 SID SHAW and ROBERT GIBSON. TRACK 1- SID SHAW admires ELVIS PRESLEY, with ROBERT GIBSON, journalist, has written book Elvis, A King Forever, a positive book emphasising Presley’s contribution to pop music and pleasure. Discusses his contribution to music. Presley much influenced by black music. TRACK 2- Book talks about early years of Presley. Discusses book by Presley’s wife, Priscilla. Shaw and Gibson want Presley to be remembered for his music and as great entertainer. He loved to entertain, great charm and charisma. TRACK 3- In - Elvis Presley and ... Very ill at end of life. Discuss what Presley might have done musically if had not died. Lost interest in recording. Sid Shaw possesses many photographs about Presley. TRACKS 4-6 NORRIS MCWHIRTER. TRACK 4- In - Yes it was in November ... Talk about beginning of Guinness Book of Records. McWhirter brothers commissioned by Guinness in 1954 to produce book as they had a fact and figure business, first book of its kind [1st edition in 1955]. 15,000 facts in most recent edition - approx 20-25 percent facts change in each addition. Discuss how records are verified. Have a file card of experts on every subject. Avoid dangerous categories of records. 45,000 requests for setting records each year, often to raise money for charity. Hoaxers sometimes try to get in book. TRACK 5- Discussion about BOB GELDOF record breaking efforts especially raising money for charity through Live Aid - has been recommended for Nobel Peace Prize for 1986. Mention of local record breaker, at Selsey, Seal Hotel, Janet Harris, eaten 7175 petit pois in 60 minutes with chopsticks. Other record breaking eaters mentioned - especially Mr Mangetout who eats metal. TRACK 6- In - My guest on the ... Children’s magazine edited by Gyles Brandreth, Record Breakers, run in conjunction with permanent museum at Trocadero in London. Children learn background behind record breaking. Human beings are naturally competitive. Detection of steroids in sports records is difficult. Only record personally involved in is selling book Champions. Would like to visit all British Isles, is writing book on Islands. Has published Book of Answers, to help parents. TRACKS 7-9 MICHAEL BENTINE. TRACK 7- Michael Bentine has written book Doors of the Mind. Talks about early life, Peruvian father. Book concerns para normal. Learnt to use imagination from age of 10. Lets his imagination work for him when writing scripts. TRACK 8- In - Discusses death, whether can determine moment of death. Believes it is possible for humans to communicate without speaking. Discusses potential of TV for influencing peoples minds. BAND 9 In - Talking to Michael Bentine. Lives in California, Palm Springs because suffers from asthma. Investigated death of son in plane crash near Petersfield, found many planes involved in smuggling, advised not to publish results. Paranormal very helpful in healing. Should have help with investigation into one’s mind. Everything that is useful in life comes from imagination. Imagination in children should be encouraged. Cancerous growths increase with stress. [Box 6]
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Tracks 4 and 5 tape edited: different ins and outs from cue sheet.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Norris McWhirter; Sid Shaw; Robert Gibson; Michael Bentine

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