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Morning Call Archive No.8: A selection of interviews: Michael Leapman; Irene Handl; Lyall Watson; Eric Newby - nd [1984]

Morning Call Archive No.8: A selection of interviews: Michael Leapman; Irene Handl; Lyall Watson; Eric Newby - nd [1984]
Morning Call Archive No.8: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACKS 1-3: MICHAEL LEAPMAN author of: Barefaced Cheek. TRACK 1- Barefaced Cheek: Biography of RUPERT MURDOCH. Discusses early years of Rupert Murdoch. Success due to fact he has always been in newspapers. Also works very hard, has newspapers all over world. TRACK 2- Discusses danger of his interference with journalistic content of newspapers especially The Times. Rupert Murdoch does not like some of the references in M. Leapman’s book eg father’s treatment of him as a boy and attitudes when older. TRACK 3- In - Michael Leapman my guest ... Discusses strong Australian presence in journalism and rivalry between Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell. Australians less inhibited by the social restraints felt by old English newspaper owning families. Murdoch would probably look to America for expansion. Discussion of Murdoch’s personal life. TRACKS 4-5: IRENE HANDL. BAND 4- Entered profession late [40], before this at home looking after father after mother died. Ca not make career of acting unless have talent, will not know till try. TRACK 5- In - That was Elvis Presley ... Likes Rock and Roll music. Got into films from stage - acted with Peter Sellers. Played mostly comedy. Feels type-cast. Has written book called: The Sioux, about relationships in a French family and different forms of love. First chapter was written when in her 20s. Book finally published in 1965, republished this year. Her feelings on love have not changed. TRACKS 6-8: DR LYALL WATSON. BAND 6- Wrote: Supernature in 1970, published 1971 about unusual phenomena. Enjoys things which his training as life scientist and biologist tells him do not exist. Does not work from hypothesis, looks for patterns. Does not choose subjects, they present themselves. Discusses metal bending, thinks these powers are within everyone, but teaching says that these things are impossible, so people do not try. TRACK 7- In - Talking to Dr Lyall Watson ... New book: Heavens Breath, about the mind. Describes how he came to write book. Disguises the nature of wind-patterns and how minds are different and can affect people. TRACK 8- In - Talking about the mind ... Talks about what is meant by weather and climate. Weather has been unpredictable for previous 10 years. Discusses future likely weather pattern. TRACKS 9-10: ERIC NEWBY, travel writer. BAND 9- Describes life before writing - apprenticed to sailing ship. Became travel writer, has had to work all his life, has filled in with other jobs. For 10 years Travel Editor Observer, gave it up for writing first book: A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush [Afghanistan] in 1956/7, now inaccessible because of Russion invasion. Very fierce people. TRACK 10- Would like to go to western extremities of Chinese Empire. Thinks travelling less dangerous 100 years ago. Would like to have written a musical. Travels as cheaply as possible. Has finished new book: On the Shores of the Mediterranean. Visited Libya with permission of Col Gadafi. Has done most of post-war travelling in company of wife. [Box 6]
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Tape box has 1984. Track 9 and 10 left channel only. Track 10 is from sticky tape and has been copied using Tascam r2r/Marantz CD.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Irene Handl; Michael Leapman; Lyall Watson; Eric Newby

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