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Morning Call Archive No.6: A selection of interviews: Birdworld; Peter Adamson; Pete Shotton on John Lennon - nd [1982-1983]

Morning Call Archive No.6: A selection of interviews: Birdworld; Peter Adamson; Pete Shotton on John Lennon - nd [1982-1983]
Morning Call Archive No.6: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the system. TRACK 1-3: BIRDWORLD. BAND 1- Birdworld, near Farnham, has over 250 species from all over the world. Run by PAT and ROY HARVEY, started 16 years before. Describe how Birdworld started and how it was set up, most important considerations were to provide spacious accommodation for birds and plan for conservation of species, works with other breeders. TRACK 2- In - Birdworld is constantly expanding. Talks about new penquin pool with filtered water system. Began Birdworld in 1968. Biggest bird centre in the country - fourteen and a half acres in area. Regard Birdworld as garden with birds in it. Cassowary most dangerous bird. BAND 3- In - Bird noises -Seashore walks at Birdworld, sea birds and wave machine to make the waves. Birdworld opened by Johnny Morris. Expensive to run. Details of opening times. TRACK 4- PETER ADAMSON, actor In - Victory Jingle - Coming up to 11.15. Sacked from TV series Coronation Street, gives reasons for sacking by Granada TV and his version of the court case which led up to it [indecent assault]. Talks about reaction from public and professionals and how the newspapers reacted. Music Peter Adamson is writing an auto biography. He is an alcoholic. Did stage work 1970 onwards for 5-6 weeks a year, tour each year. Dial M for Murder: a great success in West End. Playing in new play The Voices, will take it to’S. Africa. Adverts Music The Voices is playing at Southsea. Peter Adamson regarded Len Fairclough of Coronation Street as extension of himself. Scripts not always suitable for character. Whole of week spent in rehearsal or recording. Not much socialising between cast. Had one man show on radio. Morning Story on Roller coaster, his own soap. TRACK 5- PETER SHOTTON. Biography of JOHN LENNON. In - Music - John Lennon’s: In My Life ... Peter Shotton a friend of John Lennon from early years, at school together. Tells story of how they found dinner tickets and sold them to classmates, influence of John Lennon’s aunt Mimi and relationship of JL to his mother. Describes writing of Eleanor Rigby. Music: Eleanor Rigby. Biography is called: John Lennon in my life, has written it to correct many errors that appear in lives written about JL, wants to get personal record straight, had not wanted to make money from their friendship. JLs relationship with Paul McCartney, not rivals. Music - Review of news programme to come, Victory jingle Describes how JL fell in love with Yoko Ono, became most important thing in his life, more than the Beatles, gave him new direction. Found more freedom in New York. JLs life sensational enough without sensationalising it. [Box 6]
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Track 1-3 location recording; context date 1984. Tracks 4 and 5 include music and ads.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Pat Harvey; Roy Harvey; Peter Adamson; Peter Shotton

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