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Morning Call Archive No.5: A selection of interviews: Beaulieu ghosts; Ned Sherrin; Dawn Allan; Pat Stacy; George Melly - nd [1984]

Morning Call Archive No.5: A selection of interviews: Beaulieu ghosts; Ned Sherrin; Dawn Allan; Pat Stacy; George Melly - nd [1984]
Morning Call Archive No.5: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACKS 1-3: ELIZABETH VARLEY, daughter of Lord Montagu II Baron of Beaulieu, on Beaulieu Ghosts. TRACK 1- Several ghosts at Beaulieu, monks seen and heard. Marconi believed ghosts were scientific phenomena. Ghosts must be regarded as looking like a person. TRACK 2- Inside Palace House in the Haunted Room: Elizabeth Varley grew up in Palace House. Visitors to house have smelt incense in former chapel. Margaret Rutherford visited house - she and husband believed in ghosts. Recalls extraordinary experiences. TRACK 3- In the Vineyard, monks worked here and seen today by visitors. All the ghosts at Beaulieu are benevolent. Story of how Americans tried to arrest ghost during WWII. Mrs Varley has seen ghosts since she can remember. TRACKS 4-6: NED SHERRIN, film maker, producer, writer and performer. TRACK 4- Ned Sherrin interviewed at the Festival Theatre Chichester where OK is running, classic Gershwin musical. Has written book: Song by Song, covers 14 of great lyric writers and gives biography - many writers influenced by their own lives in their writing. TRACK 5- Most of interesting lyric writing is going into records: Starlight Express, lyrics by Richard Stilgoe, good, but obscured by the performance. No one favourite lyric writer, many good ones, gives examples. TRACK 6- Discusses whether humour has changed since the 1960s. Thinks present day humour is fusion of TW3 and Monty Python traditions. Many comedians come from University middle class background. TRACKS 7-9: DAWN ALLAN from the Toy Industry. TRACK 7- Toy industry has to work 18 months in advance [last June think about Christmas 1984]. Every manufacturer needs to sell quickly because much money poured into each design. Sindy dolls, Lego Space topsellers. TRACK 8- Dawn Allan describes new toy for small baby. Toys for under-fives should be made to last. Describes Play Shapes by Kiddicraft, building shapes, Lego Castles. TRACK 9- More new toys, talking toys, computer for younger children which teaches spelling, etc. TRACKS 10-12. TRACK 10- PAT STACY. She spent last 7 years of John Wayne’s life with him, has written book: Duke - A Love Story, about it. Met John Wayne in London in 1974. He separated from wife. John Wayne was called Duke after a dog. TRACK 11- Describes John Wayne’s last months, had cancer. Supported charities including cancer clinic. He was devoted to fans. He was politically active. TRACK 12- Many of his last years spent on The Wild Goose, converted mine sweeper, could get away from publicity there. Describes Oscar Ceremony in 1979 just before his death. TRACKS 13-15: GEORGE MELLY, bon viveur, writer and jazz musician. BAND 13- Suits made by tailor in Fulham. Ties from punk shops in Portobello Road; also hats. Book: Scouse Mouse, autobiography of early years, other 2 books deal with later life. TRACK 14- GEORGE MELLY guest. He is a very tidy person. Jazz attracts non-conformists, often older people. Jazz heard more often than previously. TRACK 15- George Melly continued. Travels 16 days a month all over country, also Australia. Talks about Australia and towns in Australian bush. Not ready to settle down, wants to die while still working. Sees self as concrete jelly fish, floats on surface, but does what he wants. [Box 6]
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Tracks 1-3: location recording. Tracks 4-6: location recording. Tracks 7-9: context date August. Tracks 10-12: left channel only.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Elizabeth Varley; Ned Sherrin; Dawn Allan; Pat Stacy; George Melly

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