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Morning Call Archive No.1: A selection of interviews: Douglas Reeman; Leslie Thomas; Roger Whittaker; Solent Butterfly House - nd [1984]

Morning Call Archive No.1: A selection of interviews: Douglas Reeman; Leslie Thomas; Roger Whittaker; Solent Butterfly House - nd [1984]
Morning Call Archive No. 1: A selection of interviews from Radio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACK 1- Interview with DOUGLAS REEMAN about D-Day: talks about why D-Day important, if failed, allies would have lost war. Talks about personal recollections of D-Day, his preparations as a sailor in light coastal forces, was used to working with the army. Speed essential when picking up soldiers. TRACK 2- DOUGLAS REEMAN interview continued. Describes sight of miles and miles of ships of every shape and size as dawn rose on Tuesday of D-Day, waiting to cross Channel. Difficulties of maintaining secrecy about whether landings were really to take place with so many ships gathered together. TRACK 3- Describes red herrings designed to confuse enemy agents. Operation masterminded from Southwick House. Describes some amusing incidents that happened on D-Day. Many infantrymen killed. BAND 4- Interview with LESLIE THOMAS Latest book The Dearest and the Best set in 1940. Considers this not to be a war book, is about a family living in the New Forest during the war. Discussion about whether WWII would be regarded as fun by those living through it in Britain, certainly it was the greatest thing that ever happened to some, some people on a high, perhaps attitudes would have been different if invasion had taken place. TRACK 5- LESLIE THOMAS lost parents in war, brought up in Barnados Home, very tough, but had to make own life from age of 12. Mother wanted him to be a draughtsman, but no aptitude, but always wanted to write. TRACK 6- LESLIE THOMAS talks about new book: The Dearest and the Best, and previews book: The Magic Army, both based on areas he has known, villages and small towns. Likes country but also likes cities and now lives in London. Likes island, has written books about islands. Likes living in Britain. TRACK 7- Interview with ROGER WHITTAKER. Studied medicine for two years. Ran military inspection tent in Africa while in army. BDc at Bangor University. Family has Welsh connections. Had always played guitar and written original material. As student wrote jingles. Amazing whistling technique. TRACK 8- ROGER WHITTAKER talks about film he made in Kenya. Based on visit to Shimoni caves which had been a base for slaves. Talks about the vastness of Africa. TRACK 9- ROGER WHITTAKER’s with ... Discussion about how world wildlife is endangered. Has full press release and information packs and Fan Club. Is going on tour in Britain. Works hard on tour. Talks about lyrics to The Last Farewell, written by jeweller in Birmingham called Ron Webster. TRACK 10- It is Morning Call: Solent Butterfly House by Hammonds Garden Centre at Stubbington, new venture. Run by George Family. Interviews with NIGEL and NICOLA GEORGE. Description of life cycle of butterfly. Nicola and Nigel act as guides to visitors. TRACK 11- Description of Butterfly House: 400 butterflies, wing span can be up to 12 inches. All are tropical butterflies, recent delivery from Malaysia. Have to provide food for caterpillars and butterflies, can substitute Dietate for nectar for butterflies, caterpillars feed on leaves. Some of the butterflies beautifully coloured, are attracted by sight and smell. TRACK 12- Looking at the chrysallis stage in the butterflies life. Butterfly House has breeding programme, butterflies are disappearing abroad as well as in Britain. Opening hours given. [Box 6]
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Tracks 1-3 context date 06-06-1984. Tracks 10-12 locn rec - L channel only.
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3:31, Track 3; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Leslie Thomas; Douglas Reeman; Roger Whittaker; Nigel George; Nicola George

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