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Victory Report: Salt and Spice: some history of Portsmouth with the Solent People’s Theatre - 13 Aug [1975-1986]

Victory Report: Salt and Spice: some history of Portsmouth with the Solent People’s Theatre - 13 Aug [1975-1986]
Report on re-enacted scenes of events in Portsmouth’s history on location in Portsmouth with music by Solent People’s Theatre production called Salt and Spice, with excerpts. Track 1- Introduction: Portsmouth is a city rich in history, events which have affected the World have begun there, but more important is the ordinary people of Portsmouth with joy and suffering of everyday lives, who have left mark on chain of circumstances that connects them with present day. Solent People’s Theatre have been touring historic landmarks of Portsmouth to remind people of their heritage, programme concerns this performance called Salt and Spice. SALT and SPICE - play tells tale of Portsmouth, of her men and her women. INTERVIEWS: JUDE KELLY, MICHAEL BURDEN, ROBBIE ROBERTSON Play described in publicity as comedy, tragedy history as you’ve never seen it, concerns itself with history of Portsmouth taking audiences to locations where events happened, go from pub to old streets to pub to Cathedral where tell story of transport ships. Props have to be pre-set on locations for actors. Basic costume for each character with addition of hats and cloaks where necessary. Technically polished theatrical production. Visits from English Tourist Board and Countryside Commission. Both want to use productions because idea is unique - only company doing such performances [perform in Southampton and Portsmouth] - based on idea that historical events more meaningful if acted out on site. Period of history they deal with was one of poverty for majority. Sailors lives most astounding - made own clothes, food and beer terrible, little money etc. Track 2- Stories of excommunication of Portsmouth for 50 years when Bishop of Chichester murdered by sailors. Transports to America and Australia. By-product of performances, audience reflect on own lives. Portsmouth’s history is rich, can love your own city more for understanding previous generations -is a community theatre, not for tourists, hopes will enrich lives of community and provide chain backwards. [Box 6]
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Guy Payne
Jude Kelly; Michael Burden; Robbie Robertson

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