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Victory Report: Portsmouth and Southsea Society for the Disabled. Sport for the Disabled

Victory Report: Portsmouth and Southsea Society for the Disabled. Sport for the Disabled
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24 Feb 1978
Programme series with interviews on topic of local interest. This programme deals with sport for the disabled. Talking about Portsmouth and Southsea Sports Association for the disabled [PASSAD]. Interview with ANNE MEASURES, Hon. Sec., KEN McCRAE, DES and LENA BROWN. ANNE MEASURES aims in setting up PASSAD, provide sporting facilities for disabled and encourage them to take part steering committee, in augural meeting, committee equally split between able bodied and disabled. First meeting summer 1977 at Shay Club, later use College of Education gymnasium in Furze Lane, but only available in term time. Facilities not being used as much as hoped reasons - lack of transport? - though have been offered transport if necessary. KEN McCRAE to make success of PASSAD - need 1- good facilities 2- publicity and circulate information to disabled 3- encourage people to come forward. ANNE MEASURES Cannot get a list of disabled to circulate, confidentiality, also existing lists are only of registered disabled. Director of Social Services can say whether lists can be released. DES BROWN, facilities available, gymnasium used for handball, netball, unihock, weight lifting, table tennis, parallel bars, badminton, trackball. ANNE MEASURES - meet at 7-10pm with coffee breaks on Tuesday nights. Transport available. Other similar associations in neighbouring areas. KEN McCRAE, is individualist, PASSAD gives him many opportunities, but also likes swimming, disabled sessions at Victoria Baths, Badminton at PASSAD also sub-aqua club session. ANNE MEASURES, swimming good sport for any disabled people, good way to start sport for disabled people, sessions at Victoria Baths - Sundays 12 noon. DES BROWN - does a little swimming. ANNE MEASURES, great effort needed to go to sporting sessions after weeks work. Discussion about how beneficial sport is to disabled people. All PASSAD activities supervised, people know own limitations. PASSAD is also fun. Integration between able bodied and disabled a desirable thing. PASSAD caters for all levels of disability. [Box 6]
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Misc. notes
Single Track; Gauge:- 1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Anne Measures; Ken McCrae; Des Brown

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