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Victory’s Review of the Year 1981

Victory’s Review of the Year 1981
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4 Jan 1982
1- Royal Wedding. 2- American hostages returned. Arrest of Peter Sutcliffe. Murder of parents by Andrew Alder near Chichester. 3- Cutbacks at Portsmouth Dockyard, 4 thousand jobs lost [60 percent of work force]. Seventy thousand other jobs dependent on Dockyard to be lost, also 3 aircraft carriers and training establishments, all to finance Trident on sale programme. Options open to government for saving cash outlined by Keith Speed, former navy minister sacked for opposition to cuts. Great concern amongst Portsmouth City Council at cuts. 4- Southampton Docks. Docks board demanding cutbacks in checkers manning levels and new shift arrangements. Dispute costly. One major contract but one container company at least pulled out. 5- Citizens Band Radio legalised. 6- Formation of SDP. Michael Foot attempted to stop Labour Party support drifting to SDP. Bob Mitchell left Labour Party, joined SDP, could not support extreme left views in Labour Party. Lord Cudlipp views on Labour Party and SDP as alternative party. 7- Northern Ireland, Hunger strike by those considering themselves political prisoners in Maze Prison, Belfast, interview with prisoner. Election of Bobby Sands as MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone while on hunger strike. Interview with Ian Paisley, formation of para-military group to help maintain rights as British citizens. Visit by James Prior. IRA attack on Oxford Street, London. 8- Assassination attempts and world violence. President Reagan attacked by John Hinkley, causes outrage in America. IRA attack on Sulemro Oil Terminal while Queen present. Pope John shot by young Turk. Queen in Mall, London, blank shots fired. President Sadat shot. Rioting in major cities including Southampton and Portsmouth, Brixton riots, trouble in Toxteth. Appeal by PM to stop violence. Description of riots in Southampton not racial. Lord Scarman’s report. Hampshire ordered 80 thousand pounds worth of riot control equipment. Interview with Chief Constable John Duke about reasons for buying equipment. 9- Unemployment often given as reason for violence. Train journey round Britain by unemployed to draw attention to situation. 10- John Wells as Dennis Thatcher at Amnesty Internationals Secret Policeman’s Other Ball. 11- Martial Law in Poland. 12- 1981 world pushed to brink of conflict. West Sussex plans for civil defence in nuclear war. Revival of disarmament movement. Demonstration at Portsmouth. 13- Attempt to bring Ronald Biggs [Great Train Robber] to justice fails. Interview with Biggs. 14- Campaign for licensing of prostitution in Southampton. Interview with James Hill, MP would provide greater control. 15- IOW Tourist Board’s plans to increase tourism by bridge or tunnel to mainland, would cost 24 million pounds. 16- Plans to raise Mary Rose from sea and money needed. Interview with Richard Harrison, Executive Director of Trust. 17- Firing of last salvo by HMS London. 18-Review of sport. Reports on Portsmouth, Saints and Brighton Football teams. Whitbread’s Round the World Yacht Race at Southsea. 19- Red kneed tarantula escapes at Widley from pet shop. IOW Charlie the lovesick cockatoo at Puckpool park. 20- Prince Charles to be a father. [Box 6]
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Radio Victory
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Andy Boyd
Keith Speed; Ian Paisley; James Prior; Lord Scarman; John Duke; Ronald Biggs; James Hill; Richard Harrison

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