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Best of 1978: interviews from The Late Show 1978 - nd [1978]

Best of 1978: interviews from The Late Show 1978 - nd [1978]
Best of 1978: a selection of the best interviews from Radio Victory’s Late Show 1978. Interviews: [not announced, no introduction. Introductions are written on cue sheets] Frank Muir writer In: We had an extraordinary career. Describes how joined up with Dennis Norden and wrote scripts, never quarrelled, different minds but liked same things. Wrote everything together. Writing The Glums, began as single sketch characters, original MCP engaged couple and financial situation, solid centre for comedy. Out: she never said clear words Frank Brady author In: One felt that one was ...Talks about luxury of Aristotle Onasis yacht. Frank Brady author of biography of Aristotle Onasis. Wrote it because was attracted by Aristotle Onasis’s ability to build something of nothing but disliked him as a person. Out: no I would not like to have dinner with him Sheila Hailey, wife of best selling author Arthur Hailey In: You mention in the book. Wife of author Arthur Hailey, but still meets up at Christmas with his children by 1st wife and his ex-wife Joan. Has written book called I married a best seller, autobiography, biography of Arthur Hailey and guide to marriage. Arthur Hailey broke into writing through writing a play for Canadian TV in 10 days in 1956, then started writing books, does much research Sheila Hailey speaks of accepting husband’s infidelities exist, but does not want to know about them, only jealous if husband emotionally involved. Is foolish to make ultimatum about something. Out: and cannot retreat Ian Nicholson, astronomer Astronomer. Stars very far away. Can only detect big mass of planets, most stars should have planets. Missions to stars very costly, could not be financed by earth’s resources alone, would need wealth and resources from new industrial revolution in space. Propulsion to the stars, suitable systems may be available by the beginning of next century eg nuclear pulse rocket, has been studied by British Interplanetary Society. Idea goes back to American idea of 1958 [Project Orion] would produce hundreds of tiny nuclear explosions under controlled conditions to produce a smooth acceleration speed, 12 per cent speed of light, 50 years to reach nearest star. 1g accelaration [near speed of light] desirable to make travel to stars practical. Discusses idea of space traveller travelling at almost speed of light returning to earth younger than those who remained on earth. Probably not possible to travel faster than speed of sound. Out:- by doing this kind of thing Dan Moldea, author In: Hoffa was murdered. Talks about murder of Jimmy Hoffa ex leader of Teamsters Union. Involved with Mafia. Describes how he was murdered. Has written book about this. Next book will be fiction. Out: as I can get David Kahn expert on Hitler’s spies In: Canaris too was an... Talks about Admiral Canaris, for Germany against Hitler. His agency was Abwehr, German central military spying agency, was important [because Canaris would not help Hitler but did not want to harm Germany] taken over by rival’S.D. [branch of’S.S.] Story that Canaris was allied spy probably not true, probably story put out by allies to cover, great success in code-breaking. Out: in fact it’s absolutely untrue Hugh Falkus - naturalist In: I do not know, girls better trackers than boys, females may be bit sharper, nature may have made them that way to protect young. Gives example of herringull hunting by signs. Out: just as we do Richard Garrett, naval historian In: She went up to Norway... Talking about German ship Scharnhorst. Christmas 1943 allied convoy going past Murmansk - Scharnhorst told to put to sea. Describes how she was sunk, finished by torpedoes. Only 36 escaped. Men not equipped to escape, arrogance and inefficiency probable reasons. Out: does not seem to have occurred to anybody Peter Ryan In: Well, around the Equator. Talks about space probe to Mars and possibility of a form of life there. Can not rule out possibility of having been life there. Mars has dust storms. Possibilities of exploitation, iron ore and other metals there. Out: that is very likely any more Mike Harding. In: Mike, we are talking. Regards self as comic first, musician second. Would like to do serious album. Had No 1 in Irish Hit Parade recorded by Danny Doyle called Jimmy Spoons two years before. Rochdale Cowboy, changing point in his career. Enjoys going back to folk clubs but would not want to do it regularly. Secure financially, can therefore expand into other businesses. Describes how he wrote song Rochdale Cowboy. [Box 6]
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Documentation does not refer to The Late Show; reference to TLS is at the end of track 10.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Frank Muir; Frank Brady; Ian Nicholson; Dan Moldea; David Kahn; Hugh Falkus; Richard Garrett; Peter Ryan; Mike Harding

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