IRN Review of 1981 - nd [1981]

IRN Review of 1981 - nd [1981]
IRN Review of 1981. Some reports also on AV769/653/S1 - Track 2. Yorkshire ripper Sutcliffe detained. American hostages released from Iran, arrival in USA. Setting up of SDP - Q.Roy Jenkins. Shirley Williams wins by-election at Crosby [first SDP member elected]. State of Labour Party - Q. Michael Foot and Tony Benn. Take over by kings supporters of Spanish Parliament. Charles and Diana engagement. Northern Ireland hunger strikes. Bobby Sands election and death. Ian Paisley. Funeral of Robert Bradford. NI Sec. James Prior - missiles thrown by crowd. Oxford Street bombing. Eyewitness account. Margaret Thatcher quoted. London Zoo - Panda not pregnant. Prince Charles amd Lady Diana wedding. Year of lunatic with a gun - shootings attempts: President Reagan, Pope John Paul II. Queen at trooping of colour. President Sadat shot and died. Fire in new cross South London: 13 dead. Brixton riots. Scarman report. Unemployment figures. Jobs march report. John Wells as Dennis Thatcher - Amnesty concert. Launch of Space Shuttle. Demo to mark 20th anniversary of building Berlin Wall. 100th FA Cup Final. Spurs 3.Man City 2 after replay. John McEnroe men’s singles champion at Wimbledon. Ian Bothams part in Winning Ashes. London Marathon. Seb. Coe Broke 5 world records in Athletics. Anna Ford/Angela Ripon to work for Channel 4 News Service. Anti-nuclear revival. Protest demos. Crisis in Poland. Solidarity leader arrested. Music compilations successful.Knighthood for Harry Secombe. Ronald Biggs [Great train robber] kidnapped. Deaths this year: Bill Haley, Bill Shankley. Joe Louis, Alvar Liddell, Jack Warner, Bob Marley. First solar-powered flight across English Channel. Q from Prince Charles. Music. [Box 5]
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