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IRN Audio of the Decade - nd [1980-1984 ]

IRN Audio of the Decade - nd [1980-1984 ]
IRN Audio of the Decade 1980-1984. Events of 1980: Ronald Reagan winning the Presidential race. Jimmy Carter losing. Princess Diana been followed by the Press. End of the Iranian Embassy seige/Malcolm Brabant. President Carter on the failed attempt to free the American hostages in Iran at the desert one re-fueling stop. Michael Foot becomes Labour leader. Margaret Thatcher’s nurse interview on her philosophy of running the country/Peter Allen. Yorkshire ripper kills again - Jacqueline Hill, news report. Peter Sellers montage. John Lenon murder bulletin. Events of 1981: Peter Butoliffe/Yorkshire Ripper is caught, police spokesman and reaction outside the Court. Doreen Hill, mother of Jacqueline Hill reaction after the murder of her daughter was found guilty. President Ronald Reagan on the freeing of the American hostages in Iran. Report as the American hostages arrive back in West Germany. Roy Jenkins on setting up the ... Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their engagement. Hunger striker. Royal wedding montage. Vice President Geroge Bush on the attempted assassination of President Reagan plus reaction from a Reagan relative. Eyewitness on the shooting of the Pope. Eyewitness and actuality on the murder of President Sadat. Rioter in Brixton. First shuttle mission takes off. Wimbledon. Dan Botham on England winning the Ashes. Events of 1982: Pope on his visit to Britain. Reaction after the Hyde Park bombing. John Greenwood describes the Mary Robe coming up. President Brezhnev of the Soviet Union died/Radio Moscow Report. Prince Charles on the birth of Prince William. Colin Newland on Chariots of Fire winning an Oscar. Events of 1983: Defence Sec Michael Heseltine on the first cruise missile protesters reaction. Margaret Thatcher on the Arms talks. Peace protesters. Election [Thatcher re-enter]. Cecil Parkinson at the Tory Conference after his affair with Sarah Keyes came out. Neil Kinnock wins the Labour Leadership race. Election result. Radio Grenada on the American invasion on the country. Antonia Higgs with the invading American troops. President Reagan on the invasion of Grenada. Korean jumbo jet disaster/Pilot actuality. President Ronald Reagan on the Korean jumbo disaster. Eyewitness to one of the victims of mass murderer Denis Neilsen. Denis Neilsen’s mother reaction after he was found guilty. Shergar’s owner on his kidnap. Events of 1984: Arthur Scargill on the miners strike over pit closures. Miners strike/Violence on the picket lines/Report. Arthur Scargill at a rally. Margaret Thatcher on the Brighton bombing. Injured person after the Brighton bombing. Wrap from Northern Ireland on the visit there by Noraid director Martin Galvin and subsequent death of a demonstrator from plastic bullet impact. President Ronald Reagan on being re-elected. Ronald Reagan’s off the cuff remark that we will start bombing the Russians in a few minutes [said when he thought the Mics were not on]. Kuwaiti hi-jack report/Martin Frizell. Libyan people’s bureau seige ends/Antonnis Higgs reports and home secretary Leon Brittan. Indira Ghandi assassinated: Rajiv reaction; Dave Lyon at the funeral. Suresh Joshi on the horror of Bhopal. Zola Budd on creshing into Mary Decker in the Olympics. [Box 5]
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Recording sent by feed. Pause at start of tracks 1 and 2. Track 3- some reports are on other tapes. Track 4- cuts 1-4 see AV769/200/S1 to AV769/213/S1.
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