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IRN Audio of the Decade [part] - nd [1983-1988]

IRN Audio of the Decade [part] - nd [1983-1988]
IRN Audio of the Decade [part]. Track 1- 1985; Track 2- 1986; Track 3- 1987; Track 4- 1988; Track 5- End of feed. For the piece on Hungerford in track 3, see also AV769/557/S1. News of 1985: Manchester Airport Disaster. Survivors Deborah Whalley and Justin Milne; Egyptair plane hijacked, forced to land in Malta, sixty people were killed in the command attack to rescue hostages, actuality of Tony Lyons, hostage. The Anglo-Irish agreement is established: Margaret Thatcher, Ian Prisley; Heysel Stadium Disaster. Actuality of surviving fans; Barry McGuigan on winning the world featherweight championship; Mexican earthquake, report by Mark Easton from The Coal Board; The End of the miners strike, including Arthur; Orson Welles died this year, actuality from the beginning of the war of the worlds. News of 1986: United States attack on Tripoli - President Reagan, Dave Lyon report from Tripoli; Irangate, President Reagan; Chernobyl voicer from Sweden on discovery of high levels of radiation; Challenger Shuttle Disaster, countdown; Westland - Michael Heseltine on his resignation; Wapping dispute, Rupert Murdoch on sacking of journalists; Bob Geldof on being made a knight; Harold MacMillan, Lord Stockton who died this year, criticising the government’s privatisation policies from the lords. News of 1987: Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster, Douglas Cameron reading the IRN bulletin; Kings Cross Disaster, Lindsay Taylor report; Hungerford massacre, ambulance man while Ryan is still on the loose; Hurricane, Ben Brown report from a helicopter Terry White, archbishop Runcie on him being held hostage, a male relative of Terry White; Beirut prison camps - Dr Pauline Cutting, British doctor working in the camps after they had been relieved; Enniskillen, Gordon Wilson, extraordinary father of nurse Marie Wilson who died in the rubble; Cricket, Mike Gatting after having been forced to apologise over the controversy on tour in Pakistan; Eamon Andrews, who died this year, a tiny clip from the beginning of this is your life; Signing of the INF Treaty, Gorbachev and interpreter. News of 1988:- Piper Alpha the Oil Rig Fire, two survivors; Armenian earthquake. Willie McMartin from the international rescue corps. Clapham Junction Rail Disaster, rescuer. Lockerbie residents. Margaret Thatcher turning green; Paddy Ashdown becoming leader of the SLD; Margaret Thatcher defending Chancellor Lawson on raising interest rates. Nurses strike. Gibraltar killing of three IRA terrorists. Milltown Cemetery, Belfast killing, report by Michael O Neil. George Bush, elected as President of the USA, Dan Quayle montage.Olympics: the announcement by an olympic official of the disqualification of Ben Johnson as 100 metre gold medal winner. Edwina Currie, her year, her pronouncement on egg production. Duke of York on the birth of Princess Beatrice. Prince of Wales, Charles on his 40th birthday. [Box 5]
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Recording sent by feed. Some print-thru. Slight interruptions to flow of sound are due to faulty spliced edit points on old tape which seems to be a reel that was re-used for this feed. [There were too many splices to repair]. Tascam used because of tape handling.
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Radio 210
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Douglas Cameron
Chris Hall

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