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Village Life: Goring

Village Life: Goring
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10 Mar 1986 at 16:00
This week Mike Matthews visits the village of Goring. It lies 8 miles North of Reading, in South Oxfordshire. 2 Tracks. On Track 1, there are 9 interviews. 1- The first visit is to the Lock on Thames River. He talks to Mike Eagles, the lock keeper and he explains the function of the lock and talks about his job, and the wild life along the river. 2- In the North of the village, Mike Matthews talks to Lucy Wood, who was born in India in 1940. She came to England when she was 15 years-old, she worked for Royal Navy during the war and talks about her life and experience in a ship during the war. 3- Visit to the Pen Company, which manufactures that produces pens, pencils and other objects, for example bathrooms fittings, cigarettes lighter cases, etc. Matthews talks to Morris, the owner about his business, customers, etc. 4- Visit to the village pub/hotel. Matthews talks with Sue Williamson, the owner. She talks about the pub history, about the origins of the building which dates from XVIII Century. They talk about the Miller family and that is why the name of the pub is the Miller’s Man Field. 5- In the middle of the village, in the High Street, we can find the grocery store that belongs to Michael. He talks to Mike Matthews and explains about his business and his family. They became famous for their sausages, today they are famous for their bacon. 6- Visit to an Interior Decoration shop, owned by Mary. She talks to Matthews and explains how she got into the business. She was always interested on fabrics and colours since she was a child. 7- Visit to the home of Elena Simpson, who has a collection of aerial photographs of the local area. She talks about the village life when she was younger. 8- Visit to the Sailing Club. Mike Matthews talks to Doctor Mike Fulton, the club secretary. He talks about the sailing club, and its training courses, social activities, etc. 9- Finally Matthews goes to the home of George Teller, a man with a great interest on the weather. He always lived in the area and talks about weather forecast. Track 2 is a trail for the programme. [Box 4]
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Includes music. Track 1- Music at 5-9 mins; 13-15 mins; 18-21 mins; 24-28 mins; 30-32 mins; 34-36 mins; 40-42 mins; 46-48 mins; 52 mins to end. Track 2 is a trail for the programme.
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Radio 210
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