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Village Life: Hampstead Marshall and Enbourne - nd [1986]

Village Life: Hampstead Marshall and Enbourne - nd [1986]
Mike Matthews in association with Vincent’s BMW, this week visits the villages of Hampstead Marshall and Enbourne, 2 villages just West of Newbury. He makes 9 interviews, as follows: 1 - His first interview is with Neil, a man whose great enthusiasm is driving ponnies. He talks about breeding ponnies and how to train them. 2 - A visit to the vicar in the Church of Hampstead Marshall and he tells the story of the church and the village. 3 - Moving from Hampstead Marshall, we come to Enbourne and find a farmer who talks about his memories of childhood and youth. 4 - Another interview with a lady who has a Kennels, looking after dogs when people goes on holiday, or at Christmas and Easter. 5 - One of the most important places is Cravon Estate. We talk with Alfred who used to work there and he talks about Lady Cravon and memories of the estate and village. 6 - Matthews interviews David Church, the secretary of Enbourne and Marshall Garden Society and talks about the centre where they hold Flowers Shows. He has been a gardener for 50 years and it is a family business. 7 - May Pocock, the oldest resident of Cravon Estate, a lady talking about her memories of her childhood and younger times in this village. 8 - Lawrence, coordinator of an organic farm. He explains many important things about organic agriculture and why they need more research. 9 - Finally, Mike Matthews meets a lady named Jill. She has a cottage with flowers, and enough land to breed small cows and heifers, which she takes to shows. She treats them like pets, and has about 20 animals. [Box 4]
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Includes music. Music at approx 5-7 mins; 13-15 mins; 18-21 mins; 24-26 mins; 29-31 mins; 35-36 mins; 40-41 mins; 48-49 mins; 53 mins to end. R channel only 28-43 mins, then low level.
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