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Matthews Meets Irene Handl, actress and writer

Matthews Meets Irene Handl, actress and writer
Alternative title
Irene Handl Tribute
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30 Dec 1987 at 22:00
At this time on a Wednesday evening you would normally be listening to SHOWCASE, 210 s Arts and Entertainment programme. But tonight we have a special tribute to that grand old lady of British stage and screen IRENE HANDL. She died earlier this year, but Mike Matthews spoke to her at home some time ago and it is that conversation we hear again tonight. Irene Handl, film actress and writer. Born in London December 27, 1901, in that interview at home, she talks about her memories of London when she was a young girl. A much better times. She considered herself a jolly depressed person. She talks about her experience in films that she participated. And she also talks about her second novel written: The Gold Tip Pfizer. [Box 4]
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Includes music. Track 1- Music at approx 3-5 mins; 8 mins to end; Track 2- Music at approx 3-7 mins; 15 mins to end; Track 3- Music at approx 6-9 mins; 13 mins to end.
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Speed:- 7.5ips
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Radio 210
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Mike Matthews
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Stephen Stewart
Irene Handl

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