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Matthews Interview: Dick Shepard, artist

Matthews Interview: Dick Shepard, artist
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17 Jan 1984
Mike Matthews talks to Dick Shepard, the artist and conservationist. He talks about his life and his career. First, he started drawing airplanes for aviation companies. Then, thanks to RAF he was sent to Kenya in 1960. In Kenya he started to paint wild life. He painted what he saw: dead zebras, the violence with animals, etc. and he became known as a conservationist. He is a very emotional person, and he could not stand to see a woman dressed a leopard skin coats and furs. He raises money for wild life charities and promotes public awareness of the violence towards animals. The programme was re-transmitted on 22-01-1984. [Box 4]
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Includes music. Track 1 starts in mid-sentence [on original tape] music at approx 3 mins to end. Track 2- Music at approx 8 mins to end; Track 3- Music at approx 5 mins to end; Track 4- Music at approx 4-8 mins; Track 5- Music at approx 7 mins to end.
Misc. notes
Speed:- 7.5ips
Production company
Radio 210
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1 tape


Mike Matthews
Dick Shepard

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