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Mike Matthews and Ron Goodwin [part of Mike’s morning programme]

Mike Matthews and Ron Goodwin [part of Mike’s morning programme]
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23 Feb 1977
Mike Matthews talks to Ron Goodwin, born February 17, 1925. He is a British composer and conductor best known for his film scores. He was born in Plymouth in Devon. He was taught the piano from early age, and later studied the trumpet in London at the Guidhall School of Music. His first job in music was a copyst and arranger working for a variety of publishing companies and bands, including some attached to the British Broadcasting Corporation. His work on a number of famous war films, is well remembered, with the title marches in wide use with military bands and orchestras. These include Where Eagles Dare[1968], Battle of Britain [1969], 633 Squadron, and Operation Crossbow. He talks about his life and his career. [Box 4]
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Includes music 0-2 mins; 6-8 mins; 12-15 mins; 18-21 mins. The short pause at 2 mins is due to a leader edit on tape.
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Radio 210
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Mike Matthews
Ronald Alfred Goodwin

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