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Matthews Meets Johnny Morris

Matthews Meets Johnny Morris
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19 Aug 1987 at 22:00
The guest today is Johnny Morris, a Welsh television presenter for the BBC, well known for his children programmes about Zoology, specially Animal Magic. He talks about his life and how he started his career. He was a farm manager in Wiltshire for thirteen years when suddenly he was discovered telling stories in a pub with his stories by BBC Radio Bristol producer Desmond Hawkins. Morris made his radio debut in 1946, and featured in a number of Radio Bristol series throughout the 1950s often employed on light entertainment programs as a storyteller such as in Pass the Salt; or as a commentator on local events. A natural mimic and impersonator. See also AV769/89/S1. [Box 4]
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Track 1- Music at approx 5-11 mins; 14-18 mins; 22 mins to end; Track 2- Music at approx 4-9 mins; 16-18 mins; 22 mins to end; Track 3- Music at approx 5-9 mins; 12 mins to end.
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Radio 210
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Mike Matthews
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Graham Rogers
Ernest John Morris

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