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Matthews Interview: Michael Rodd nd [1975-1986]

Matthews Interview: Michael Rodd nd [1975-1986]
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at 16:00
The guest today is Michael Rodd, British TV presenter of TVS science programme The Real World. Born November 29, 1943, he talks about how he started as a presenter of Tomorrow’s World, a job he did for many years until he changed from BBC to TVS franchise for our area. He also talks about his own children’s programme Screen Test. He says that scientists, in some way, are more important than doctors, because of what they create does affect our life style and health. [Box 1]
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Includes music. Track 1- Music at approx 8 mins to end; Track 2- Music at approx 6-10 mins; 19 mins to end; Track 3- No music; Track 4- Music at approx 0-4 mins; 6 mins to end.
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Radio 210
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Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
Michael Rodd

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