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Visualising Global Impact

Data visualisation is a tool that can help us to view a set of data in an original way. It can stimulate us to ask different questions of the material and explore new avenues of enquiry.

This visualisation plots stories related to Chile against location (dateline field) and time (date field), charting the global impact of the coup. By designating these stories as either neutral (event), official response (at government level or higher) or unofficial response (broadly popular) we gain a sense of how the world responded both to initial events in Chile and more specifically to coverage of them. For example, two (unofficial) stories on prisoners held in the football stadium (23rd September) contributed to an official response allowing press into the stadium (25th September).

Date Country Response Dateline URL Title
07/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Allende Celebration For 3rd Year As President
10/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Allende With Supporters And Palace Bombed
11/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Disorder In Chile As Military Junta Takes Over
11/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Salvador Allende Backgrounder – Santiago
12/09/1973 Chile 2 Santiago Crowds Praying For Peace In Santiago
12/09/1973 United States of America 1 Washington DC Senators Being Interviewed About The Situation In Chile
12/09/1973 West Germany 2 Frankfurt Pro Allende Demonstration In Frankfurt
12/09/1973 Chile 2 Santiago Leftist Students Demonstrate In Support Of Allende
13/09/1973 France; West Germany; Italy; United States of America 2 Various Demonstrations Against Overthrow Of Allende Across Europe And USA
13/09/1973 Argentina 2 Buenos Aires Pro Allende Demostration In  Buenos Aires
15/09/1973 United Kingdom 1 London Interview With New Chilean Envoy Rear Admiral Oscar Buzeta
15/09/1973 United Kingdom 2 Birmingham Pro-Allende Demonstration In Birmingham
16/09/1973 United Kingdom 2 London Pro-Allende Demonstration In London
16/09/1973 Argentina 2 Buenos Aires Pro Allende Support
17/09/1973 Mexico 2 Mexico City Pro-Allende Demonstration Through Mexico City
17/09/1973 Mexico 2 Mexico City Madame Allende Arrives In Exile
18/09/1973 United States of America 1 New York UN United Nations Debate On Chile
18/09/1973 United States of America 1 New York Waldheim��s United Nations Conference On Chile
18/09/1973 Argentina 2 Buenos Aires Demonstrations In Buenos Aires Against Allende��s Overthorow In Chile
19/09/1973 Argentina 2 Buenos Aires A Pro-Allende Demonstration Is Held In Buenos Aires
19/09/1973 United States of America 1 New York Cuba Complains To UN About Chile
20/09/1973 Argentina 2 Mendoza Newsmen Waiting To Fly To Chile
21/09/1973 United States of America 1 Miami Swimming Team Returns From Chile
22/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Events Leading Up To The Military Coup In Chile
22/09/1973 West Germany 2 Cologne Demonstration In Support Of Allende In Cologne
23/09/1973 Chile 2 Santiago Scenes Of Dead Bodies In Santiago
23/09/1973 Mexico 1 Mexico Chile Beats Mexico 2:1 In An International Football Match
23/09/1973 Chile 0 Santiago Buildings Which President Allende Called Home
23/09/1973 Chile 2 Santiago Stadium Prisoners In Santiago Chile
24/09/1973 United States of America 2 Miami Interview With Witness Of Chile Executions
24/09/1973 France 2 Paris Neruda Visit To Chilean Embassy
25/09/1973 Mexico 2 Mexico City Allende Mass
25/09/1973 Chile 1 Santiago Prisoners In Stadium
26/09/1973 Mexico 2 Mexico City Chilean Refugees Arrive In Mexico City
26/09/1973 Chile 1 Santiago Neruda’s Funeral Proceession
27/09/1973 India 2 New Delhi Demonstration In New Delhi Against The Military Overthrow Of Chile’s President Allende
28/09/1973 North Vietnam 2 Hanoi Memorial Service For Allende In North Vietnamese Capital
28/09/1973 Cuba 1 Havana Fidel Castro Delivers Pro-Allende Address