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News footage sources

AP Archive (registration required)

AP Archive holds the UPITN collection. You will need to register as a user

ITN Source

ITN Source holds ITN Broadcast footage

BBC Motion Gallery (registration required)

Provides a record of footage

Jisc MediaHub (for subscribing UK universities & colleges only)

This resource contains a selection of  ITN footage, both broadcast and non-broadcast. The footage is high quality download and the associated scripts have been digitised. ITV broadcasts relating to September 1973 are examined in the Tracing The Footage section. Further coverage of Chile can be found

e.g.Chile Report from Santiago, First Report, 2nd October 1973

Further viewing

The ETV Collection (Educational and Television Films Ltd) held by the British Film Institute, includes many films and documentaries on Chile in the mid 1970s. ETV was established in 1959 by Stanley Forman to distribute films from the Soviet Union, China, eastern Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia and North Korea as well as British left-wing films during the Cold War.

Venceremos Solidaridad (1973)

A film, made in support of the Unidad Popular, charting the rise of Allende, the coup and its immediate aftermath.

Companero – Victor Jara of Chile (1974)

An award-winning documentary on the singer Victor Jara who was killed during the military coup that includes an extensive and moving interview with his widow Joan who had smuggled footage of him out to London.

I Was, I Am and I Shall Be(1974)

Film documenting two prison camps in Northern Chile shortly after the Coup. It includes personal testimonies from prisoners and guards.

Message from Chile (1975)

Testimony by Dr Sheila Cassidy, a British doctor who was tortured by the fascist junta in Chile, Bishop Helmut Frenz a Luteran Bishop of Santiago, expelled for his activities on behalf of political prisoners, and Joan Jara widow of  Victor Jara.


Salvador AllendeRevolutionary Democrat, Victor Figueroa Clark (Pluto Press, 2013)