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Licensing Act 2003: Community Film Exhibition Consultation

Licensing Act 2003: Community Film Exhibition Consultation
4 Jul 2013
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Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
Public Consultation
Film; Exhibition
In the Entertainment Deregulation consultation response document published in January 2013, the Government said they would consult further on deregulation for community-based film exhibitions. This consultation looks at whether to remove, in certain circumstances, the requirement for a venue licence for film screenings in community venues in England and Wales.

The proposed solution may allow film screenings to take place in community settings without the initial cost and time burden that comes with the current licensing system. However the new system would also contain sanctions if a film were to be screened in a manner deemed inappropriate. The government believes that this solution is an important step forward in making things simpler for community film exhibitors and they would now like to hear your views as to whether you agree. This consultation offers two simple options:
1. To keep things as they currently are, or;
2. To allow “not-for-profit” film exhibitions in community venues between 8am and 11pm, provided that the exhibitor ensures that the screening abides by any age classification ratings.

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