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Bristol estate children await excursion bus, 1933 (Courtesy of Elsbury Images)
From an initial collection of interesting early lantern slides designed for entertainment, educational, temperance, religious and missionary use, this private collector’s archive has grown to contain a large collection of photographs, film strips, and film footage documenting many aspects of social and family life over the last 100 years.

Moving images of cities and towns, seaside and countryside, particularly in the south and south west of Britain, are held as well as footage depicting national, local and family occasions and celebrations from coronations to carnivals, jubilees and weddings from the late 1920s onwards. Coverage includes amateur sporting events, naval reviews, holidays and works outings, school life and pets. There is extensive footage of travel in the UK, Europe and the Mediterranean from the 1920s to the 1960s (e.g. Berlin at the time of the 1936 Olympics and Paris in 1946), inter-war cruises with good shipboard scenes and shore visits (e.g. Algiers, Naples, Pompeii) and travels in the USA, Australia and New Zealand in the 1950s and 60s. The archive also contains a collection of instructional 16 mm films and 35mm filmstrips, from a former Educational Film library.

The photographs which compliment the film collection contain images of transport, cathedrals and churches, schoolchildren, leisure and the seaside, towns and cities in Britain (images of Bristol are particularly strong), and many other subjects.
Artefact description
Elsbury Images consists of a collection of vintage films, lantern slide images and equipment . Use for media production considered, please ask. Items available include: Amateur film of various formats (including Kodacolor Lenticular) 1928-70; Magic lanterns and slides 1880-1910; Cine projectors for 35mm, 28mm, 16mm (including Kodacolor) 9.5mm, 8mm and Super 8mm film 1905-1970; Still Image projectors 1920-1980; Vintage film and plate cameras and accessories 1890-1970; Vintage cine-cameras 1910-1960; Advertising and ephemera for much above. Transfer copies on DVD of original film images available.
Channel Islands; Scotland; Isle of Man; Wales; Yorkshire; Sussex; Cornwall; Devon; West Country; Palestine; Carnivals; Blackpool; Swimming; Austria; Charabancs; Childhood; Cruises; Egypt; Fairs; Festivals; Hungary; Jubilee; Motoring; Pets; Royal events; School of Life
Access by prior arrangement.
Access for outsiders
Yes, by arrangement only.
16mm steenbeck. VHS and DVD viewing facilities available. Super 8, Standard 8 and 9.5mm viewing on site. Transfers from 16mm, 9.5mm, and 8mm formats to DVD for preproduction viewing.
Details on request.
Copyright held to majority of holdings. Information provided on request.

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

British Journal of Photography Almanac 1911-1960; The Magic Lantern Society of Great Britain publications, extensive.
Cine projectors from 1920 including projectors for Kodak lenticular colour cine c.1928. Cameras 1890-1970; Victorian lanterns, pre-cinema victorian toys
Kodak publications and promotional material + adverts, extensive.
Kodak Magazine 1923-27 and 1931-39; Photography World (Photo collectors club of Great britain) 1986 to date; New magic lantern Journal (Magic Lantern Society of Great Britain) 1982 to date.
Approximately 100,000 feet of 16mm, Super 8 and Standard 8mm and 9.5mm film.
Still Images
Magic lantern slides 1860-1900; Photo lanterns slides 1880-1920; Photographs 1890-1950; Educational filmstrips 1939-1970
VHS, S-VHS, DVD, Mini DV copies available by arrangement

Artefact and Related Documentation Holdings

Butcher’s Empire 35mm hand cranked Maltese Cross cinematagraph c. 1912; Butcher’s Empire 35mm hand cranked Beater movement cinematagraph c.1906; Kodak 16mm Kodascope c. 1923; Kodak 16mm Kodascope Model A c.1926; Kodak 16mm Kodascope Model B c.1930; Kodak 16mm Kodascope Model C c.1930; Kodak 16mm Business Kodascope c.1930; Kodak 16mm Kodascope Model L c.1935; Kodak 16mm Kodatoy Handcranked c.1930; Kodak 8mm Kodascope 8 c.1932; Kodak 8mm Kodascope 50R c.1938; Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo Original c.1925; Bell & Howell 16 mm Filmo 57 c.1925; Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo 57J c.1933; Specto Film Projectors for 16mm, 9.5mm and 8mm c.1940-1960 and Bell & Howell Kodacolor Lenticular lens c.1928.
Various large posters and promotional life-size cut-outs, mainly for Kodak products. Extensive collection of advertisements & catalogues for Cine-Kodak 16mm & 8mm c.1923-80. Collection of Pathescope 9.5mm advertisements and catalogues 1923-1950. Kodak, Pathescope and other film hire Library catalogues 1935-1960. Miscellaneous collection of ephemera relating to cinema history.
Ensign hand cranked 35mm cine-camera c.1910; Kodak 16mm clockwork cine cameras models 1925-1950; Bell & Howell 16mm clockwork cine-camera models 1925-1940; Pathe 9.5mm clockwork cine-cameras 1923-1950; cameras, mounts and accessories - wooden tripod c.1910 with tilt and rotate handles; 16mm 6 plate steenbeck editing desk 9.5mm, 8mm and Super 8mm amateur film edit machines.
Projection & Viewing
MAGIC LANTERNS: Mahogany-bodied Bi-unial Lantern with 14 inch projection lenses c.1910; Mahogany-bodied Bi-unial Lantern with oxy-hydrogen limelight fittings & 6 inch projection lenses c. 1880; various Mahogany-bodied Single Lanterns with extending tubes c.1890; various Walter Tyler Single Helioscopic Metal Lanterns c.1895; Pacticon Metal Single Lantern with 6 inch lens and 3 wick oil illuminant c.1895 and various children’s Metal Magic Lanterns/Cinematagraphs with candle/oil illuminants c.1900
SLIDE PROJECTORS: Eastman Kodak Kodiopticon Lantern slide Projector 1917; Butcher’s Clubman Lantern slide projector c.1924; Butcher’s Optiscope Lantern plide Projector c.1935; Johnson’s Optiscope Lantern slide projector c.1945; Kodak Retina 35mm slide Projector c.1939; Kodak Kodaslide 35mm slide projector c.1948; Kodak Cavalcade 35mm slide projector c.1955; Kodak Carousel (various models) 35mm slide projector c.1965-75; Aldis 35mm slide & film strip projectors (various models) c.1950-85; slide Projector for 6 x 6cm slides c.1985 and slide projector for stereo slides c.1985 ILLUMINANTS: Various Oil/Limelight Illuminants for magic lanterns MAGIC LANTERN SLIDES: hand drawn coloured slides and photographic/tinted slides c.1880-1910 and animated & special effects moving slides c.1870-1900. All subjects including: topographic; historic & social; religious & moral; songs & poems; slides for children etc.
COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES Examples of Lumiere Autochrome; Pagetcolor; Dufaycolor; Kodachrome & Ektachrome c.1915-70.
STEREO VIEWS AND VIEWERS: Various Viewmaster viewers and stereo discs c.1960 and various Victorian stereo viewers and cards c.1895-1910.
Toys & Games
Replica Zoetrope and various metal kaleidoscopes c.1940
TV, Video & Digital
VHS, Super VHS, DVD and MiniDV recorders


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