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Footage Farm was established in 2001 by a team of experienced professionals to provide video master tapes of material in the Public Domain. This means that you no longer have to worry about licences or counting seconds and frames.
The broad subjects include:
- The major 20th Century conflicts - two World Wars (both battle scenes and home front including colour material of WWII), Vietnam, Korea, Spanish Civil War, the Middle East conflicts, the Manchurian situation, the Spanish-American war.
- Worldwide news coverage - Particular emphasis on world political events & personalities, American-European relations etc. These are included in the Universal Newsreels releases (1929 - 1967) and outtakes (ca. 1930 - 1959), the March of Time outtakes (ca. 1934 - 1951) and other news films.
- Major personalities of the 20th Century.
- U.S. Government Educational & Propaganda Films, detailing subjects ranging from Agriculture to Labour to Civil Rights.
- Industries and Manufacturing, (autos, aviation, etc.), 1916-1967.
- Over 300 films from The Library of Congress Paper Prints, the only extant copies of many short items (from 30 seconds upwards) recorded between ca. 1895-1915, which include:
Immigration to USA; Industrialisation & Railroads; Recreation & Amusement Parks; Spanish-American War; Alaskan gold Rush; San Francisco before & after the 1906 earthquake; Vaudeville & Stage Acts; World Fairs & Expositions.
- Americana, including street scenes, entertainment, inventions, stunts and human interest, 1896-1970s.
In addition, we also hold a few specialised collections civil rights in the USA, archaeological digs in Palestine and travelogues across North America
Music; History; Women’s studies; Newsreels; Archaeology; Crafts; Immigration; Education; Agriculture; Aviation; Technology; War; Science; Stock Footage; outtakes; railway films; soundies; educationals; americana; domestic life; trivia; oddball; Arabic studies; Art; Energy; Health Education; Military Science; Politics & government; Religious studies; Russian studies; Space science; Spanish studies; Travel & tourism
office hours are 9am to 6pm
Access for outsiders
Our staff is very knowledgeable about our collection and about the public domain holdings of the National Archives and other US government agencies. We respond to requests by mail or fax and this initial research is free of charge.
none on the premises but time-coded VHSs are mailed at very low cost
When you acquire Public Domain material from us it removes the need to worry about the rights you acquire. We charge a one-time buy-out fee, not a per-second rate as other stock footage archives. Once you have bought the physical tape, it is yours to use and re-use forever, wherever, in all media and in any programme. The price per item is comparable to going direct to the Archives and is based on a sliding scale of the number of items you order at any one time.
Footage Farm specialises in material in the Public Domain and for most of its collection no rights need be acquired

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

We can supply you with any industry format and standard: PAL or NTSC, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCam etc.


Computerised database
Detailed database of all Footage Farm’s holdings as well as thousands of hours of public domain footage that FF can acquire on demand.
Online catalogue
no - the staff is experienced, knowledeable and friendly and can quickly help researchers find what they want.
Related website
Printed catalogue
Card catalogue
can be printed out from our computerised database
Digitised catalogue
Online delivery
We supply master material on any video format via couriers

Additional Information

Other information
Detailed cataloguing of the entire collection and of other collections in the public domain.
Conservation policy
Master material held on DigiBeta in temperature and humidity controlled environment.

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Ms. Orly Yadin
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Managing Director
020 7631 3773
020 7631 3774
22 Newman Street

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Ms. Lin McConnell, Stella Waltemade or Lluis Ruscalleda
020 7631 3773

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