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  1. Walkie-Pen Enables Baby to Walk

    Date released
    9 Oct 1950
    Series name
    New Pictorial
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    3 / 5
    1 film clip

    SHOTLIST: (Streatham) MS two women with baby. CU one woman watching baby. CU baby being held by woman. MS woman with baby. CU baby’s feet attempting to walk, baby then starts to climb on woman’s lap. MS...

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  2. Calligraphy: A Complete Beginners’s Guide (2004)

    Crafts; FE
    Sale, VHS (PAL, 120 minutes), £15.99

    Designed for the beginner learning the art of calligraphy. Sections include: From Pen To Paper With David Graham, Making A Start - Exercise 1, Lettering Styles - Exercise 2, The Pen-Nib Angle - Exercise 3,...

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  3. Pain to Pen the Book, The (2019 Audio)

    aka: Episode 11

    Don’t Quill the Messenger

    Podcast. Steven Sabel interviews Dr. Roger Stritmatter about his new book, ‘The Poems of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford ... and the Shakespeare Question Volume I: He that Takes the Pain to Pen the...

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  4. Le Pen won’t speak to Tories (1987)


    Interview with Alfred Sherman who had invited French Front National leader Jean- Marie Le Pen to speak at the Conservative Party conference on Le Pen’s decision not to come as he thinks he won’t get a...

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  5. Village Life: Goring (1986)

    This week Mike Matthews visits the village of Goring. It lies 8 miles North of Reading, in South Oxfordshire. 2 Tracks. On Track 1, there are 9 interviews. 1- The first visit is to the Lock on Thames River....

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  6. Frances Edmonds interview (1987)

    Track 1 and 2 - The wife of England bowler Phil Edmonds hit the headlines with her first book which gave a witty and pointed cricket tour of the West Indies. Now she has turned her sharp pen to the England...

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  7. English & Irish Authors Read Their Own Work

    16 Mar 2012, 16:45
    Post Type
    BUFVC Review

    2012. GB. CD. 218 minutes. British Library (Spoken Word series). ISBN: 9780712351102. Price: £20.36 About the Author: Dr Alexander Beaumont is a Teaching Fellow at the University of York, where he teaches...

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  8. Jean-Marie Le Pen denies he is a racist (1987)

    News report; Interview; Press conference

    French far-right nationalist politician, Jean-Marie Le Pen defends accusations that he is a racist following his statement that the Nazi gas chambers were a detail of history. Includes Le Pen speaking at a...

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  9. Jean-Marie Le Pen on negative publicity (1987)


    Interview with French National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in which he claims to have been misrepresented in the press and says that he will appeal against his court case. The coincides with his visit...

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  10. Jean-Marie Le Pen invite from Tory (1987)


    Interview with Sir Alfred Sherman, journalist, defending his decision to offer an invitation to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French National Front Leader, to speak at the Conservative Party Conference. Reporter...

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