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  1. Germany: Meeting in Bonn

    Date released
    13 May 1957
    Series name
    Gaumont British News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    2 / 11
    1 film clip, 1 commentary sheet

    Federal Germany’s post war rebuilding.

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  2. Freedom and Unity (1994 Video)

    German studies; History
    out of distribution, Videocassette. VHS. col. 48 min.

    Sketches the development of parliamentary thought and institutions in Germany from the beginning of the 19th century, when Germany was still fragmented into many individual states, to the present day. Looks...

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  3. Stein (1991 Film)

    Egon Gunther
    Herbert Ehler

    Feature film. Ernst Stein (Ludwig) is a classical actor on the East German stage, but becomes so disgusted by the use of his country’s soldiers to help put down the 1968 freedom movement in Czechoslovakia...

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  4. Implications for Germany of opening up of Berlin Wall (1989)


    The decision by the East German Government to allow its citizens to cross the Berlin Wall freely into West Germany. Unidentified (English?) male speaker, who was witness to the Wall’s early construction,...

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  5. Christmas in Germany - Reel 1 (1987)

    Christmas in Germany - Reel 1: request programme link-up with the British Forces Broadcasting Service. TX 16:00-17:00. Tracks 2 and 4 include interviews and actuality. Presented by Brian Cooke [?]. This is...

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  6. Let the people sing: choral competition [Part 4] (1986)

    An international choral competition that happened in Cologne, Germany in 1986. It is a competition with the participation of 32 ensembles from 16 countries, in which the jury doesn’t see the choirs perform,...

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  7. Media Screen Round-up, August - September 2016

    12 Oct 2016, 11:21
    Andrew Ormsby
    Post Type

    The monthly round-up of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research and published at Learning on Screen by Andrew Ormsby. This month's selection features two...

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  8. James Callaghan in Germany (1977)


    Speech by UK Prime Minister James Callaghan at an RAF base in Germany on bond between Britain and Germany, on NATO and defence of the West, and on military bases in Germany followed by speech by West German...

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  9. Bombs at UK base in Germany (1979)


    Interview with army spokesman Glyn Jones about the detonation of two bombs at a UK Army base in Dortmund, West Germany. Male interviewer not identified.

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  10. James Baker and Douglas Hurd on a united Germany (1990)


    In 2 short clips, US Secretary of State James Baker and UK Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd talk about the real possibility of a united Germany, 45 years after the end of World War II, in the context of an...

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