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Media Screen Roundup March 2016

The monthly roundup of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research and published at the BUFVC by Andrew Ormsby.

Highlights in this month’s Roundup include Rachel Moseley’s Hand-Made Television: Stop-Frame Animation for Children in Britain, 1961-1974.’, which is the first academic work to consider children’s programmes such as ‘Pogles’ Wood’ (1966), ‘Clangers’ (1969), ‘Bagpuss’ (1974) (Smallfilms) and Gordon Murray’s ‘Camberwick Green’ (1966), ‘Trumpton’ (1967) and ‘Chigley’ (1969).

Moseley is particularly interested in the hand-made aesthetics of the programmes, as well as themes of the counter-culture and environmentalism, pastoralism and Englishness, considering how stop-frame animation produces an effect of intimacy and closeness to the child’s own environment of play and movement.

Also referencing a children’s stop motion animation programme in its title is Kevin Milburn’s chapter ‘Underground, Overground, Wandering Free: Flânerie Reimagined in Print, on Screen and on Record’ in The Flaneur Abroad.

Media Screen Roundup March 2016 (pdf)

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