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New articles and reviews at Viewfinder Online

Viewfinder Online aggregates some of the content from the Viewfinder print magazine but also published new and original material.

Some of the latest items published on the site include:

We Need to Talk about Dying
Someone in Britain dies every minute but many risk missing out on having their end of life wishes met due to a reluctance to talk about dying, death and bereavement. Joe Levenson, of the Dying Matters Coalition, discusses the importance of media in getting its message across.

Iain Borden’s new book is subtitled, Journeys through Film, Cities and Landscapes. Brian Ireland, Senior Lecturer in American History at the University of Glamorgan, gives us his take on it.

Laura Mayne, Doctoral Candidate and one of the Research Assistants on the ‘Channel Four Television and British Film Culture’ project (, reviews the film which marked a turning point in Ken Loach’s cinema career.

Fear and Desire
Stanley Kubrick’s first film was pulled from circulation in the 1950s and has only now been released on home video for the first time. Nathan Abrams, Director of Graduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Bangor University, reviews the new Blu-ray from Eureka Home Entertainment

Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture by Øyvind Vagnes provides a detailed look at the cultural and historical impact of the footage of the Kennedy assassination. Professor John Beck from the University of Westminster reports back.

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