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News Archive for September, 2010

  • NFB films on iPad & iPhone

    The National Film Board of Canada collection of over 1,000 documentaries, animations and feature films have been made freely available for online viewing via the NFBC website for some time, but an app has now been released that allows them to be viewed on an iPad. Films can also be stored on the iPad for […]

  • YouView

    Continuing the trend for the use of personal pronouns in the names of multimedia resources, the BBC/ITV/Channel 4/Five consortium behind ‘Project Canvas’ has now relaunched as YouView, a multi-channel online multimedia IPTV receptacle functioning on a single platform. This new free-to-air web and TV service will combine Freeview and the on-demand TV and radio catch-up […]

  • Taymor’s Tempest premieres

    Long awaited, maverick director Julie Taymor’s  film adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The film is scheduled to make its debut in the US on 2 October at the New York Film Festival, followed by a full release from December 10. The UK release date is yet to be […]

  • Weekly Top 5 TV & Radio Programme Requests

    1. THE AMERICAN DREAM (BBC2) View TRILT record 2. NATURE BOY (BBC2) View TRILT record More information is available on the BBC website 3. HUGH’S CHICKEN RUN (Channel 4) View TRILT record More information is available on the Channel 4 website 4. NEWSWIPE WITH CHARLIE BROOKER (BBC4) View TRILT record or watch now on BoB […]

  • ERA Plus Event – Presentations Available

    The full programme of speaker presentations from the ERA Plus event, held at BAFTA (London) on 9 September 2010, are now available to view.

  • Opening up The Open University

    Opening Up The Open University 3 November 2010, 11:00-17:00 Seminar Rooms 1 and 2, Library, Walton Hall campus This workshop, organised by the History of The Open University Project, will take place at the OU in Milton Keynes on. Topics to be covered include: The people’s response to the OU Technological changes in teaching […]

  • Lost TV Shakespeare found

    The November 2010 BFI Southbank guide has broken the news that hundreds of hours of missing early British television have been unearthed at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Selections from some of these titles will be screened at the ‘Missing Believed Wiped event at BFI Southbank on 7 November. From this tantalising discovery come several examples of television Shakespeare from […]

  • Weekly Top 5 TV & Radio requests

    Most requested TV & Radio off-air programmes for the week ending 3rd September 2010 1. THE SILENCE (BBC1) See TRILT record or watch on BoB National More information is available on the BBC website 2. INSIDE JOHN LEWIS (BBC2) See TRILT record or watch on BoB National More information is available on the BBC website 3. […]

  • World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

    October 27th marks World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, proclaimed in 2005 by UNESCO in order to help raise global awareness of the importance of audiovisual documents as an integral part of our national identity and to draw attention to the urgent need to protect them. The UNESCO World Day theme for this year is, ‘Save […]

  • More4 Now Available

    The BUFVC’s Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service is pleased to announce that More4 has now been added to its range of TV and Radio channels . More4 programmes are available from midday 11 June 2010 onwards and BUFVC members can make requests for back-up copies as usual using TRILT.