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The Collection

What are these Channel 4 Press Packs?

The basic goal was to digitize all the Channel 4 press packs produced from November 1982 to June 2002 when the last hard copy was published.


C4 Press Pack Collection at BUFVC

This included:

C4 Weekly Press Pack, 1982 week 44

1014 weekly press packs. These ran from Saturday to Friday each week usually with a double issue for Christmas/New Year


C4 Seasonal Pack, Spring-Summer 1984

93 seasonal and special press packs. The seasonal packs highlighted programmes in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter schedules as well as specific occasions such as Christmas.

C4 Special Pack, Film on Four 1982-1983

The small selection of special packs illustrates press publications for specific seasons eg Red Light Zone or Film 4



Hold On, What Do You Mean By ‘Digitize’?

It’s much, much more than scanning! ‘Digitize’ means every part of the process that transforms the hard copy on the shelf into the digital copy presented online. Find out more in the Digital Journey Timeline.