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Screen Plays – Acknowledgements

The project team offers warm thanks to a small army of friends and colleagues whose support of the project has been instrumental in its success, from those whose research informs the landscape in which we are working to others who have contributed to discussions at our conferences, screenings and other events. We restrict ourselves, here, to naming some individuals who have served as the regular institutional anchor points for our work:

Members of the Screen Plays Advisory Board: Tony Ageh, Luis Carrasqueiro, Christine Dymkowski, John Ellis, Dick Fiddy, Stephen Lacey, Luke McKernan and Billy Smart. (Special thanks are due to Billy Smart for generously sharing significant data gathered as part of the work for his doctoral thesis ‘Old Wine in New Bottles―Adaptation of Classic Theatrical Plays on BBC Television 1957-1985’, RHUL 2010).

Colleagues at the BUFVC, especially Sergio Angelini, Gabriel A. Hernández, James Fryer (Invocrown), Olwen Terris and Linda Kaye. At the BBC, Jake Berger, Bill Thompson and Simon Crosthwaite. At the BBC Written Archives Centre, Louise North and Jeff Walden. At the BFI, Marcus Prince, Dick Fiddy, Jonny Davies and Kathleen Dickson.

Colleagues at the University of Westminster: Peter Goodwin, Fionnuala Rose, Fauzia Ahmad, Rosie Thomas, Jeanette Steemers, David Gauntlett and other members of the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) and the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI).