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    • Madeleine Carroll at Yorkshire Main Pit At Doncaster
      (109 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 115, released 19/1/1931
      This item shows the actress Madeleine Carroll visiting a Yorkshire colliery prior to her making the film BLACK DAMP. In 1930 black damp made headlines when it killed 200 miners in Millfield, Ohio.
    • Madeleine Carrol at Yorkshire
    • February 1931
    • Super Cinema in Charing Cross Road is converted into the Tatler Theatre to show news and shorts. Programmes run for 67 minutes with tickets costing 6d and 1s.
    • 2 March 1931
    • Paramount Sound News is launched
    • 7 March 1931
    • David Lean follows Keith Ayling to British Movietone News
    • Closing of Berlin Banks
      (83 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 167, released 20/7/1931
      Street scenes of people crowding into banks and financial institutions
    • Closing of Berlin Banks
    • Interview with Queen of Greece
      (227 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 170, released 30/7/1931
      Ex-Queen Sophie of Greece and her daughter Princess Helene with relations and friends in the garden of her house near Ascot. These include Princess Irene, younger sister of Queen Sophie, Mrs Horlick and ex-King George.
    • National Cabinet in Garden at No.10 Downing Street
      (67 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 180, released 3/9/1931
      The National Government was a coalition of the National Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Party and Liberal National Party. This group picture of the Cabinet includes Stanley Baldwin, Ramsey MacDonald, Sir Herbert Samuel (Home Secretary), Lord Sanky (Lord Chancellor), Sir Samuel Hoare (Secretary of State for India), Lord Reading (Foreign Secretary), JH Thomas, Neville Chamberlain (Minister of Health) and Sir Philip Cunlippe-Lister (President of Board of Trade).
    • Speech by J.H. Thomas (election)
      (178 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 194, released 22/10/1931
      A pre-election speech by ‘Jim’ Thomas, whose support of the National Cabinet enforced his resignation from the NUR.
    • Speech by J.H. Thomas
    • Mr Henderson Speech
      (107 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 194, released 22/10/1931
      A pre-election speech by Arthur Henderson. In 1900 he was one of the 129 union leaders to sign a motion by Keir Hardie which led to the foundation of the Labour Party. He served three short periods as Labour leader before chairing the League of Nations Disarmament Conference and winning a Nobel Peace Prize in 1934.
    • Mr Henderson Speech
    • Sir Oswald Mosley Speech
      (67 seconds)
    • Gaumont Sound News Issue 195, released 26/10/1931
      Oswald Mosley left the Labour Party in 1931 to form the New Party – who faced a devastating defeat at the general election the day after this issue was released. Mosley went on to found the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in 1932.
    • Sir Oswald Mosley