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Makers | Our Story

Makers | Our Story is a new documentary about the film business. The production team describes what motivated them and provide insight for those inspired to follow in their footsteps.


Our aim was to produce a truly inspiring and uplifting documentary. Makers shows the passion and commitment of a generation of new and existing filmmakers as they share their experiences working in a challenging industry. The documentary gives a rare insight into the work of the indie filmmakers who exist outside of the Hollywood studio syndicates, whose films are watched by millions of people all around the world. It tells the stories of new independent filmmakers trying to make it in the industry as well as the die hard, long suffering filmmakers and businesses that support the industry.

This is an inspirational outlook on the independent film industry

This is an inspirational outlook on the independent film industry that is uplifting and yet doesn’t come without a heed of warning. You can see the energy, passion and commitment of these creative people who are making films no matter what the cost. They are easy to identify with, whether you are a filmmaker or not and seem to share a common set of values and beliefs that are potentially a lesson to us all. The message is clear – there is hope, if you have the determination and desire, the belief and a little bit of luck, maybe, you can make it in the industry. Are these people brave, commendable or delusional?

Are these people brave, commendable or delusional?

If you’ve ever watched a film in your life then you should see this documentary as it gives an insight into the kind of talented and dedicated people involved and the obstacles they face in getting their films made. Watch this documentary to get a little understanding of the blood, sweat & tears that go into creating films. Seeing your favourite movies on the big screen in a comfy multiplex cinema may never be the same again. This shows films and its filmmakers in a totally new light. The documentary highlights the life affirming journeys of filmmakers, where not all the streets are paved with gold, but even so, its lifestyle attracts many to its fame & fortunes.

The independent filmmakers’ dream is a journey that needs to be told.

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