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  1. 90th Cricket "Battle of the Blues"

    Date released
    12 Jul 1928
    Series name
    Pathe Gazette
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    1 / 12
    1 film clip

    Real Lord’s weather and sparkling play, made cricket’s "Ascot" as brilliant a picture as ever.

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  2. David Morley: Designing for Cricket (1997 Multimedia)

    Sale, Audiocassette. 30 min; 24 slides. col., 1998 sale: £45.00 (+VAT +p&p)

    English architect David Morley talks about his award-winning work at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which owns Lord’s, is the premier cricket club in the world, and in...

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  3. Art of Directing (2007 Radio)

    Art of Directing
    Mike Smith

    Two-part radio programme in which psychoanalyst and former England cricket captain Mike Brearley tries to understand and define the art of the theatre director. Through interviews with directors Katie...

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  4. John Morris on first test cricket match (1990)


    Interview with Derbyshire opener and new England cricketer, 26 year-old John Morris as he faces his first test cricket match against India at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Male interviewer not identified.

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  5. Profile: Tony Lewis nd [1975-1986]

    Mike Matthews talks to Tony Lewis, cricket champion. He was born in Wales on the 6th of July 1938. He talks about his life and his career and his book: Cricket in many lands. [Box 1]

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  6. Frances Edmonds interview (1987)

    Track 1 and 2 - The wife of England bowler Phil Edmonds hit the headlines with her first book which gave a witty and pointed cricket tour of the West Indies. Now she has turned her sharp pen to the England...

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    Andrew Ormsby
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  8. Tony Greig on Kerry Packer (1978)


    Former England cricket captain Tony Greig on the Cricket Association decision to seek a compromise with Kerry Packer, founder of World Series Cricket. Male interviewer not identified.

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  9. South African cricket boycott (1991)


    Interview with Secretary of the Test and County Cricket Board Alan Smith, who claims South Africa will be allowed back into the International Cricket Council (they are due to vote on it). Cricket...

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  10. How to Curve a Baseball or Swing a Cricket Ball (2011)

    Derek Muller
    Physics; Sports science

    In baseball and cricket the best pitchers and bowlers know how to make the ball move due to the effects of aerodynamics. If one side of the ball is rough, the ball swings towards that side because turbulent...

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