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  1. The Final Test

    Date released
    16 Aug 1928
    Series name
    Topical Budget
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    3 / 6

    Cricket. England defeat the West Indies in the third Test at the Oval.

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  2. Infant Hearing Test (1977 Video)

    Medical sciences
    Sale, Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 28 min., 1999 sale: £40.00 (+VAT +p&p)

    Demonstration of how to test the hearing of children in three age groups: 1) distraction test (6-18 months); 2) co-operative test (18-30 months); 3) performance test (30+ months). Testing a hearing-impaired...

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  3. Hamlet Screen Tests (1933 Film)

    Margaret Carington; Robert Edmond Jones

    John Barrymore was approached in 1933 to make a film version of Hamlet. Although he had played the role many times on stage, the production company asked for a screen test, perhaps because of rumours that...

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  4. French nuclear test (1995)


    French energy minister Alain Barthoux (speaking through an interpreter) defends the decision of the French Government to carry out a nuclear test in the Pacific, and insists the test was safe.

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  5. Engineering Test Transmission Radio Victory (1975)

    ENGINEERING TEST TRANSMISSION [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] IBA Test Transmission on 23 September 1975 of mainly classical music in preparation for opening of Radio Victory. In -This is an Independent ......

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  6. Freckleton: the lost generation (1984)

    A documentary about a tragedy that happened in the small village of Freckleton, in Lancashire, on the 23rd of August of 1944. An American Liberator bomber B-24 42-50291, on a test flight, crashed into the...

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  7. Embedding content in BoB - Test

    1 Oct 2020, 12:33
    Gabriel Hernandez
    Post Type

    This page tests embedding codes in BoB. See below a live example:

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  8. Patrick Steptoe on test-tube baby (1983)


    Infertility expert and test-tube baby pioneer Patrick Steptoe on Louise Brown, the world’s first test-tube baby born five years ago on 25/07/78. Female interviewer not identified.

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  9. David Gower on sixth Ashes test (1989)


    Dominic Allan interviews England cricket captain, David Gower, prior to the sixth and final test match against Australia at the Oval in London. He speaks about the changes to the side and the selection of...

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  10. Patrick Steptoe on test-tube twins (1981)


    Dr Patrick C. Steptoe on the world’s first test-tube twins, born in Australia. Stephen and Amanda were born on 06/06/81, to 31 year-old Radmila Mays. The world’s first test-tube baby was conceived in...

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